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What is Coverity?

"Coverity Prevent is a static code analysis tool for C, C++, C# and Java source code. It is a commercial product which originated as the Stanford Checker, which used abstract interpretation to identify defects in source code." Wikipedia

Coverity and Open Source

The Coverity Scan Initiative


Haiku is currently a Rung 1 project.


  • Prerequisites
    1. Commit rights to Haiku's source repository
    2. You have been given a Coverity account by a Haiku admin.
  • Log on to Coverity's website. (See account info you were given.)
  • Look up a Haiku defect
  • Asses and assign the defect. (To yourself, most likely.)
  • Commit fixes to defects assigned to you. Mention the CID number in the commit message. ("Bug so and so. CID XXXX.")
  • Mark the defect as resolved. Mentioning the commit revision number. ("fixed in rXXXXX")

Source to avoid

  • Vendor branches?

Source that needs special treatment

  • Kernel/app_server/input_server/registrar?

Please do

  • some text here

Please don't

  • some text here

Common defects and their resolutions

  • some text here
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