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distcc can distribute compilations across a network, greatly reducing compile times. Even if you only have one other computer available, it can already make a noticeable difference.

Usage instructions

The following instructions assume your main development machine is running Haiku and the helper machines run Linux.

Preparing helper machines

  • Install distcc, using the package manager or from source
  • Check out the build tools
    svn co buildtools
  • Check out partial Haiku tree
    svn co --depth=immediates haiku
    svn update --set-depth infinity build headers/config headers/os headers/posix
  • Build the cross-compilers
    mkdir generated.x86gcc2
    mkdir generated.x86gcc4
    cd generated.x86gcc2
    ../configure --use-32bit --alternative-gcc-output-dir ../generated.x86gcc4 --build-cross-tools ../../buildtools/
    cd ../generated.x86gcc4
    ../configure --alternative-gcc-output-dir ../generated.x86gcc2 --build-cross-tools-gcc4 x86 ../../buildtools/
    cd ..
  • Make the cross-compilers available under a verbose name. Run gcc -v to find out the exact version. Verify that they are the same as on the Haiku machine.
    mkdir bin && cd bin
    ln -s ../generated.x86gcc2/cross-tools/i586-pc-haiku/bin/gcc i586-pc-haiku-gcc-2.95.3-haiku-100818
    ln -s ../generated.x86gcc4/cross-tools/i586-pc-haiku/bin/gcc i586-pc-haiku-gcc-4.4.4-haiku-101111
    cd ..
  • Start the distcc daemon
    PATH=$PWD/bin:$PATH distccd --allow <IP of Haiku machine>

Preparing the Haiku machine

  • Make GCC 2 and 4 available under the verbose names.
    ln -s /boot/develop/abi/x86/gcc2/tools/current/bin/gcc /boot/common/bin/i586-pc-haiku-gcc-2.95.3-haiku-100818
    ln -s /boot/develop/abi/x86/gcc4/tools/current/bin/gcc /boot/common/bin/i586-pc-haiku-gcc-4.4.4-haiku-101111
  • Adjust generated.x86gcc2/build/BuildConfig
    HAIKU_CC ?= distcc i586-pc-haiku-gcc-2.95.3-haiku-100818 ;
  • Adjust generated.x86gcc4/build/BuildConfig
    HAIKU_CC ?= distcc i586-pc-haiku-gcc-4.4.4-haiku-101111 ;
  • Add hostname or IP addresses of the helpers to /boot/common/etc/distcc/hosts
  • Uncomment in /boot/common/etc/distcc/hosts/clients.allow
  • Start the distcc daemon
    distccd --allow

Now you can run jam as usual, but you should pass twice the total number of cores in the distcc network to the -j option. During a build, you can see what is happening by running

distccmon-text 1

If you want to use distcc in combination with with colorgcc, you can mask simply the distcc executable

cd /boot/common/bin
mv distcc distcc_real
chmod +x distcc


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