Work through "Learning to program with Haiku" (book1)

DarkWyrm's book Learning to program with Haiku is targetting people that want to learn how to code in C++ and that either don't know how to program at all yet, or maybe already have some experience with Python or C etc.

For this task you need to have Haiku installed, see instructions for that here.

If you are new to Haiku and a Google Code-In student, you should do our intro task first.

Read through the lessons in Learning to program with Haiku and take a screenshot of each completed assignment (ideally show the output in Terminal and your code side-by-side) and submit your review answers in a single plain text file
You do not need to do all of the assignments, but read through the book and get an understanding of the material presented.  Do some of the assignments and learn as you go. Here is list of candidates:

  • Lesson 1: Write a program which prints a box on the Terminal using minuses and pipe symbols. How could you write a program which draws two boxes without having to do a ton of typing?
  • Lesson 3: Project: Simple Interest
  • Lesson 5: Project: Char to Integer Converter
    "Going Further":
    • Make your project print the character code as hexadecimal (base 16) numbers and/or octal (base 8) in addition to regular (base 10) numbers. See Lesson 3 for more information.
    • Whenever the compiler builds this project, it complains that gets() is dangerous and shouldn't be used. Why do you think this might
  • Unit 1 Review
  • Unit 2 Review
  • Lesson 10: Project: Printing Files
  • Unit 3 Review
  • Lesson 15: "Going Further" with the discussed example app
  • Lesson 16: Project: Finish the Fixed Class
  • Lesson 18: Project: Using List Controls
  • Lesson 19: "Going Further" with the discussed example app

Please spend at least one calendar day on this task and put in some effort, you'll probably learn something new in the process.
Which lessons you choose to do is up to you, have fun with it.

In the book the IDE Paladin is used. You can install it with HaikuDepot (see under "Applications" in the Deskbar).

If you need help you can ask on:

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