Hard Tasks

These are various large projects and other "hard tasks" that need to be completed (in no specific order). This is a great place to store your unicorn wishes.

Haiku WebPositive improvements

Accelerated Hardware Virtualization

Should likely be one of the many accelerated API's supported by qemu...

  • bhyve (FreeBSD native hypervisor (as alternative to qemu))
  • nvmm (DragonflyBSD & NetBSD virtualization stack) - Looks promising as DragonflyBSD already extracted some of the OS-specific bits in a cleaner API.
  • KVM

Full IPv6 Support

  • Somewhat implemented, more work needed

zeroconf Network printing Implementation ("AirPrint")

VPN Support

  • Kernel drivers needed
  • Wireguard

Hardware 3d acceleration

  • Mesa project
  • Creating a DRM compatibility layer
  • Enabling DRM hardware access
    • Adding DRM hooks to existing drivers
    • Porting Linux modesetting drivers - Directly or through some reuse of *BSD compatibility layers

App Server multi-monitor support

  • Some old drivers (Radeon, Matrox) already support output to multiple displays, but app_server still manages it as a single large screen
  • API review needed: fill in the BScreen class and make sure it is used properly
  • Keep working on our own driver, or attempt to port Linux ones? (Linux ones are huge, complicated, and not designed for portability)
  • Porting a Linux modesetting driver would require major api changes

USB Audio Support

  • Improvements around our generic USB audio driver, finishing support of USB audio devices

File Systems

Advanced Power Management

  • Support sleep/hibernation
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