Guest Additions Installation/Usage Instructions for Haiku

To compile the guest additions:

pkgman install haikuporter
haikuporter virtualbox_guest_additions

To install:

pkgman install virtualbox_guest_additions

To uninstall:

pkgman uninstall virtualbox_guest_additions


Time synchronization and guest control are handled by VBoxService - you do not need to do anything special to enable these. See the output of VBoxManage help guestcontrol exec on your host system for guest control instructions.

Clipboard sharing and automatic screen resizing are handled by VBoxTray; load the replicant by running /bin/VBoxTray. It will be automatically reloaded whenever Deskbar starts until you quit it by right-clicking it and choosing Quit.

To mount a shared folder, tell Haiku to mount a null filesystem of type vboxsf and pass the share name as a parameter:

mount -t vboxsf -p SharedFolderFullOfLolcats /mountpoint

NOTE: at the moment this driver is disabled in the package and only works with GCC4 Haiku when using


Client Additions on VirtualBox site(source)
recipe and GCC2 patch

how to run VirtualBox

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