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Finalizing first draft of mailing list proposal


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    118118 * Putting license into HAIKU_TOP/data/system/data/licenses/
    119119 * Putting license in firmware directory /system/data/firmware/<driver name>/
    120  * Adding entry in AboutSystem
     120 * Adding one entry per driver to the AboutSystem
    122122==== Common firmware rules ====
    127127==== Proposed handling of group 1 ====
    128128 * Main issue is that the license requires that end users are taking notice of the license before using the firmware. [[BR]]
    129  * Colin, mmadia discussed the topic on distributing the firmware along with Haiku.
     129 * Mmadia and colin discussed the topic on distributing the firmware along with Haiku:
    130130   * Based on the [ 3 bullets] we are consensing that distributing and using the firmware out of the box is feasible.
    131131   * But installing and using it right during boot is problematic. The user *must* have a chance reading the license first.
    141141==== Proposed handling of group 3 ====
    142  * Main issue is that redistribution is forbidden. The proposed solution is to download and install the firmware once Haiku has booted. A script automating this process will be included in Haiku.
    143  * TODO: How to trigger execution of this script? manual vs. automatic triggering
     142 * Main issue is that redistribution is forbidden.
     143 * '''Proposed solution''': Shipping a script for downloading, preparing and installing the firmware. Thus allowing the user to install the firmware when he wants to.
     145=== One to rule them all ===
     146 * For a smooth user experience mmadia and colin are proposing a "super" script for installing firmware with a single click. It merges the scripts described for group 1 and 3.
     147 * Advantages:
     148   * User doesn't need to know the difference between an Intel 2100, 2200, 2225,...
     149   * Reuse script code be merging 4 scripts into one
     150 * Disadvantages:
     151   * You need to educate users about where to find this script.
     152     * '''Proposed solution''': Adding an "Installing more driver" section to the Welcome page.