Names etc are from Wikipedia and the Chip name from Haiku

Driver used : none


Aopen AW724ymf724
A-trend 3DS724Aymf724
Best Union Miss Melody Samba Tornadoymf724
Chic Technology True Sound 724ymf724
Labway D1Xymf724
Labway Xwave 192ymf724
Labway Xwave 320ymf724
Labway Xwave 576ymf724
Labway Xwave G5Xymf724
Labway Xwave J8Xymf724
Labway Xwave 5000ymf724
Labway Xwave 5000Proymf724
NEC PK-UG-X013ymf724
Labway Xwave 6000ymf744
Labway Xwave Elite Valueymf744
Guillemot MaxiSound Fortissimoymf744
Hoontech Soundtrack Digital-XGymf744
Sony VAIO N505VXymf744
Sony VAIO PCG-F480ymf744
Aopen AW744ymf744
Aopen AW744 Proymf744
Toshiba Satellite Pro 4200ymf744
Labway Xwave 6000Proymf754
Hoontech Soundtrack i-Phone Digital-XGymf754
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