Names etc are from Wikipedia and the Chip name from Haiku

Driver used : none


TwinHan VP-1033 DVB-S PCIMantis 1033
TwinHan VP-1034 DVB-S PCIMantis 1034
Azurewave AD SP300 DVB-S PCIMantis 1034
TwinHan VP-1041 DVB-S2 PCIMantis 1041
Technisat Skystar HD2a DVB-S2 PCIMantis 1041
Technisat Skystar HD2b DVB-S2 PCIMantis 1041
Azurewave AD SP400 DVB-S2 CI PCIMantis 1041
TerraTec Cinergy S2 HD DVB-S2 CI PCIMantis 1041
TwinHan VP-2033 DVB-C PCIMantis 2033
Azurewave AD CP300 DVB-C PCIMantis 2033
TerraTec Cinergy C HD DVB-C PCIMantis 2033
TwinHan VP-2040 DVB-C PCIMantis 2040
Azurewave AD CP400 DVB-C PCIMantis 2040
Technisat CableStar HD2 DVB-C PCIMantis 2040
DigitalRise DTV DVB-C PCI Cab CIMantis 2040
TwinHan VP-3030 DVB-T PCIMantis 3030
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