Haiku Web Infrastucture

This document aims to give an overview of all the services that are supporting the Haiku Project on the web. It aims to be a full overview, so please do add or change anything that is no longer current.


The infrastructure is maintained by system administrators. They are responsible for the day to day management of server and service infrastructure, and they are also involved with designing and implementing changes to this infrastructure.

The services are maintained by technical application managers. They maintain the software, install updates, and maintain customizations.

The configuration is done by functional application managers. They are responsible for changing the software's settings, managing access rights, etc.

Low-level infrastructure

The low level infrastructure consists of:

  • baron - a server hosted by Hertzner
  • vmdev - a virtual server that is located on baron
  • vmrepo - a virtual server that is located on baron
  • vmpkg - a virtual server that is located on baron
  • vm-site - a virtual server that is located on baron
  • - a dreamhost web hosting account (ssh access to shared server) - mostly deprecated
  • github/haiku - hosts some (backup) repositories and the repository for the main website
  • github/haikuports - hosts the recipes for haikuports
  • netlify - a global CDN that hosts the main website

Services overview

Service identifierHostnameInfrastructureDescriptionTechnical Application ManagerFunctional Application Managers
server-statsserver-stats.haiku-os.orgbaronWebserver & VM statistics??
tracdev.haiku-os.orgvmdevTickets and developer wiki based on Tracnielxanevilyak, axeld, bonefish, humdinger, jessicah, kallisti5, leavengood, mmadia, nielx, pulkomandy, umccullough, waddlesplash
trac-stagingdev-next.haiku-os.orgvmdevStaging environment for testing Trac updatesnielxnielx interface translation based on Pootlenielxhumdinger, nielx, rq, waddlesplash
pootle-stagingi18n-next.haiku-os.orgvmdevStaging environment for testing Pootle updatesnielxnielx for writing and translating the user guidewaddlesplashwaddlesplash
i18n-placeholderi18n.haiku-os.orgvmdevLanding page for the i18n translationwaddlesplashwaddlesplash
gitgit.haiku-os.orgvmrepoGit repo serverkallisti5kallisti5
cgitcgit.haiku-os.orgvmrepoGit browserkallisti5kallisti5
mercurialhg.haiku-os.orgvmrepoMercurial repositoriesnielx??
haikudepotdepot.haiku-os.orgvmrepoHaiku Depot web service??
svnsvn.haiku-os.orgvmrepoOld SVN repositories??
discoursediscuss.haiku-os.orgvm-siteDiscourse forumkallisti5kallisti5, waddlesplash, humdinger, ...
buildmasterkitchen.haiku-os.orgvmpkgHaikuPorter buildmastermmlrmmlr

Services notes


The current version is Trac 1.2.2.

Haiku Depot

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