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Experimental Patches

There are some experimental patches that are not yet ready to be included into Haiku's svn repository, but that need a larger base of testing. If you are a building your own Haiku build and you are used to live on the edge, then you might be interested in trying out these patches.

Currently the following patches are added:

  • The Stack & Tile patch, originally by Hong Yul Yang, formely by Christof Lutteroth.

Instructions: Checking out and Building

Note that these instructions are meant for users that are already familiar with building Haiku. If you are not familiar with that, please follow the instructions and do a vanilla build first.


  • A configuration that can build Haiku (either on Linux, the BSDs or Haiku itself).
  • Mercurial


Enable the mq extension by opening ~/.hgrc and adding these lines:

mq = 

Initial Checkout

  1. Check out the Mercurial clone of Haiku's source code.
    hg clone trunk.hg
  2. Check out the Patch Queue
    cd trunk.hg/.hg
    hg clone patches
  3. Apply all the available patches
    cd ..       # Go back to the trunk.hg dir
    hg qpush -a
  4. Perform a normal build with this directory as source directory
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