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    33== Phase 0: Absolutely required ==
     5 * **zooey** - Make svn-repository read-only
     6 * **zooey** - Update git-repositories (buildtools, haiku) from svn one last time (happens automatically, triggered by cron)
     7 * **zooey** - Make local backups of all git repos, just in case anything goes wrong
     8 * **zooey** - Put new git repos in place and make them writable for committers
     9 * **zooey** - Do a couple of test commits and back them out again
    510 * Collect a set of getting started docs to get people started. (No need to write our own, but a good list of references to prevent people from stumbling on more occult or outdated uses of Git)
    611 * Codify a set of central repository guidelines (who gets to create new branches, tagging policy, no rewriting of history, etc).
    7  * And implement these in a series of server hooks
     12 * **zooey** - And implement these in a series of server hooks
    813 * Go through everything on [dev/www] and update instructions to switch to git
    9  * Set up e-mail, CIA hooks
     14 * **zooey** - Set up e-mail, CIA hooks
     15 * **zooey** - Do more test pushes (to test mails, cia) and back them out again
     16 * **zooey** - Set up a pull-only mirror, pulling regularly from all three git repos (buildtools, haiku, vendor)
    1017 * Set up a mirror to github/gitorious
    1118 * Improve/check gitweb setup or move to cgit