HaikuDepot (the name may still change) is the GUI package manager for Haiku. You may compare this with the Ubuntu Software Center, or similar front ends to software repositories.

The main purpose of HaikuDepot will be to let the user

  • manage repositories (TODO: link within wiki)
  • list and search available packages (by filtering the list by categories and/or search terms)
  • pull in additional information about a package on top of what is provided by the Package Kit and the actual packages itself.

The additional information shall be nicely represented and layouted. It consists of

  • screen shots if applicable
  • user ratings
  • translated package information such as description and changelog

The additional information will be pulled from a web application hosted by the project. The web application would allow users to input and upload information about packages. Some information will be uploaded by HaikuDepot itself, such as when a user creates or edits her rating and review/comment for a given package version.

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