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Release Coordination

This page acts as a status whiteboard for this release of Haiku. It should contain a list of tasks that need to be completed.

Task List

This is a list of tasks that need to be done in preparation for the alpha 1 release. Do you see a task that still needs someone to take care of it? Drop a line on the Haiku-Development mailing list.

Build Tasks

Assign buildmeister - -
Determine distribution structure - -
Determine optional packages to be included - - -
Set up a test framework/formal list of requirements - -

Release Preparation

Find mirrors - -
Write release notes - everyoneSee wiki page ReleaseNotes
Write press release - -
Determine press plan - -




Branch the source tree - -
Backport important bug fixes - -
Tag the final build - -
Make source available - -
Test final build - -
Distribute final build to mirrors - -

Note, dates are in dd-mm-yyyy format.

Release Schedule

  • Branching trunk : -
  • Final testing before tagging branch : -
  • Tagging branch : -

The testing of the build is expected to take a few days (pending any unforeseen problems). The website team will also require a few days to upgrade the website in order to support the release. The expected release date is around DATE.


There was a discussion, then followed a vote, and now we have a list of proposals for this release. Below is the final list of accepted proposals.

Status Updates

The status updates give an overview of the progress that is made towards this release.

Blocker issues

These need to be fixed in order to release the alpha.

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Critical issues

If all the blocker items are resolved, these should be evaluated whether or not they block the alpha release.

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High priority issues

This is a list of items with things that would be very much appreciated for this release, but they will not delay the release.

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