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Haiku INSERT_VERSION Release Notes

These are the release notes for Haiku INSERT_VERSION.

System Requirements

Haiku currently only works on x86 systems. Minimum memory required is 128MB. If compiling Haiku within itself, 1GB of memory is recommended. Haiku has been tested to work on CPU's as slow as a Pentium II 400MHz, and requires as little as 600MB of drive space.

Known Issues

Missing Features

Source Code

The source code of Haiku itself, the source code of the required build tools and the optional packages (except for closed source ones) is made available for download at:<INSERT_VERSION>/sources/

Reporting Issues

There are over # open tickets on Haiku's bug tracker and over # closed items. If you find what you believe to be an issue please search our Trac to see if it has already been reported and if not file a new ticket:

For more help see the 'Welcome' link on the Haiku desktop, or visit the website at

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