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Improvements since R1/Alpha 2

Haiku R1 Alpha 2 was released on May 10, 2010 as hrev36769 This page outlines some of the more notable changesets since then. Additions and corrections are encouraged.

intel_extreme driver


IMAP Client


  • hrev37647
  • First part of ICMP support: this is based on the work by Ivo Vachkov (GSoC 2007), and Yin Qiu (GSoC 2008). And even though I needed to rewrite pretty much all of it because of the countless bugs and problems it had, it still shares the same architectural problems of introducing a domain dependent error mechanism to the upper layers, and needing the net_buffer::network_header hack. This I will rework later.



PAE & 64-bit

  • PAE implemented, helps pave the way for 64-bit compatibility
  • numerous changesets for making data structures and classes 64-bit safe

Creation of CorruptionFS

  • hrev37247 and many others
  • Test file systems for tracking down the file corruptions that still seem to occur in current revisions.


API Related

Locale Kit

Layout API

  • Many changes from GSoC

BNotification API

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