Haiku R1 Alpha 2 Release Addendum

While the Haiku Project strives for quality in official releases including alpha and betas, there will always be the chance of an unnoticed issue prior to release. This page serves to inform you any notable issues with the release and how to resolve them.

Installer fails on

  • Error Message: General System Error
  • Reproduction: This seems to be caused through a certain combination of media and disc drives. During installation you may encounter a General System Error while copying
  • Resolution (with no internet connection) : To remedy this you need to open the Terminal application and run the following command. It will temporarily remove WebPositive's libaries on the CD. To note, file modification on the LiveCD will not persist across reboots.
    • Click [ Desktop (Live-CD) ]
    • Click the Deskbar --> Applications --> Terminal
    • Enter the following commands
        rm -rf /boot/apps/WebPositive/lib/*.so
  • Once Haiku is installed, reboot into the installed partition and run the following command, which will install WebPositive
      installoptionalpackage webpositive

sftp requires

  • Error Message: runtime_loader: Cannot open file No such file or directory
  • Reproduction: When sftp is executed, it will fail to load.
  • Resolution: The following commands will download and extract the needed dependencies.
      unzip -o -d /boot

git fails to checkout from http

  • Error Message: fatal: Unable to find remote helper for 'http'
  • Reproduction: git clone http://...
  • Resolution: Download and extract a new build of git:
      unzip -o -d /boot

WebPositive reports errors while uploading files

  • Error Message: Send failed since rewinding of the data stream failed
  • Reproduction: For at least and, WebPositive will display an alert dialog upon uploading a file. The dialog will inform the user that an error occurred. At least for, the file does indeed upload correctly.
  • Resolution: Download and extract a new build of WebPositive:
      unzip -o -d /boot

Haiku freezes after a few seconds at desktop

  • Error Message: None.
  • Reproduction: Hardware dependent problem due to Haiku lacking IRQ routing.
  • Resolution: Try disabling ACPI in the boot loader's Safe Mode Options menu (press <Shift> when booting). Monitor an open ticket at
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