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added secondary resolution for WebPositive thta doesn't require internet access.

Haiku R1 Alpha 2 Release Addendum

While the Haiku Project strives for quality in official releases including alpha and betas, there will always be the chance of an unnoticed issue prior to release. This page serves to inform you any notable issues with the release and how to resolve them.

Installer fails on

  • Error Message: General System Error
  • Reproduction: This seems to be caused through a certain combination of media and disc drives. During installation you may encounter a General System Error while copying
  • Resolution (with active internet connection) : To remedy this you need to open the Terminal application and run the following command. It will temporarily replace the version of WebPositive on the CD. You should now be able to restart the Installer application.
      installoptionalpackage webpositive 
  • Resolution (no internet access): To remedy this, WebPositive's libraries will be manually copied to the partition you are installing to and then the files will be "deleted" on the CD. To note, file modification on the LiveCD will not persist across reboots.
    • Click [ Desktop (Live-CD) ]
    • Click Deskbar --> select Applications --> click DriveSetup
    • Prepare and mount the partition you wish to install to.
    • Close DriveSetup
    • On the Desktop, right click the destination partition and in that popup menu:
      • select Add-ons --> Open Terminal
      • run the following commands & ignore the comments (lines starting with #).
            # Set up a variable to reduce typing.
            export dir=apps/WebPositive/lib
            # Create the directory on the partition being installed to.
        	mkdir -p $dir
        	# Copy the files from the LiveCD to the partition.
        	cp /boot/$dir/* $dir/
        	# Temporarily delete the files on the LiveCD.
        	rm -rf /boot/$dir/*.so
        	# Launch Installer
    • Installer will prompt you "The target volume is not empty ....", click [ Install anyway ].

sftp requires

  • Error Message: runtime_loader: Cannot open file No such file or directory
  • Reproduction: When sftp is executed, it will fail to load.
  • Resolution: The following commands will download and extract the needed dependencies.
      unzip -d /boot
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