Haiku R1 Alpha 3 Release Addendum

While the Haiku Project strives for quality in official releases including alpha and betas, there will always be the chance of an unnoticed issue prior to release. This page serves to inform you of any notable issues and how to resolve them.

Vision does not contain Freenode server settings

  • Error Message: Upon launching Vision a "Setup Window" will display, requiring users to enter the freenode server information.
  • Reproduction: Launch Vision.
  • Resolution: To remedy this you need to open the Terminal application and run the following commands. It will download a settings file for Vision. Afterwards, simply launch Vision and select "Freenode" from the drop down selection list and press "Connect".
      mkdir -p /boot/home/config/settings/Vision
      cd /boot/home/config/settings/Vision
      wget -O VisionSettings

command line applications fail on SSL secured sites

  • Error Message: ERROR: cannot verify <host>'s certificate, issued by `/C....':
  • Reproduction: wget https://... or git clone https://....
  • Resolution: The following commands will symlink the certificates file into the correct location.
      ln -sf /boot/common/ssl/certs/cacert.pem /boot/common/data/cert.pem

libapr: Could not resolve symbol 'connect'

  • Error Message: Upon running certain commands that rely upon APR, the runtime_loader will report
    runtime_loader: /boot/common/lib/ Could not resolve symbol 'bind'
    resolve symbol "bind" returned: -2147478780
    runtime_loader: /boot/common/lib/ Troubles relocating: Symbol not found
  • Reproduction: svnversion or svnserve
  • Resolution: To remedy this you need to open the Terminal application and run the following commands. It will download and extract new packages for APR, APR-Util and Subversion. Afterwards, simply delete the downloaded archives.
      unzip -d /boot -o
      unzip -d /boot -o
      unzip -d /boot -o

Haiku may hang at boot in some VirtualBox configurations

  • Error: Haiku starts to boot and all the icons on the boot screen light up, but after that no Desktop appears.
  • Reproduction: This may be reproduced on some (current) VirtualBox configurations. It is believed that the serial debug output, that was kept enabled in the alpha release, causes the VM to hang on some versions of VirtualBox when the emulation of a serial port is not enabled (the default setting for new VMs).
  • Resolution: To get arround the hang, enable the first serial port in the VM configuration. It doesn't matter what you configure the serial port to (a setting of "disconnected" is fine) it is merely about enabling the emulation of the virtual serial port.
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