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New Features

  • New native debugger application
  • New media add-on: 10 channel equalizer
  • Notifications of network card state changes
  • Improved virtual memory settings and swap file creation logic
  • Native AMD Radeon HD video card mode-changing support
  • WPA/WPA2 support
  • Initial Blu-ray disc file system support (UDF 2.50)
  • New GLife screensaver donated by Aaron Hill
  • Ability for kernel debugger to generate QR Codes


  • OpenGL kit uses newer upstream Mesa3D version (7.8.2, gcc2)
  • Improved GUI design to several applications
  • Improved BFS file system tools
  • Improved translations
  • Improved WebPositive rendering, updated WebKit engine
  • Add MSI support to OHCI

Bug Fixes

  • POSIX signal fixes
  • BFS stability improvements
  • Various potential memory leaks fixed

Known Bugs

  • #8454: Marvell Yukon network cards can suffer low network performance.
  • #8626: Radeon HD Palm GPU's non-functional due to incomplete DisplayPort support.
  • #8345: Rare kernel panic when PAE Translations are in use (RAM >4GB)
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