Merge Tracking

This page is used to track change sets since the creation of the beta1 branch.

To add the latest commits:

git log r1beta1..master --pretty=format:"|| [ %h] || %s || %an || COMMENTS || MERGEDIN ||"
  • paste into top of document from last un-documented hrev tag
  • review.

Also see Gerrit merge tracking:


  • Bold revisions need to be reviewed
  • Italic revisions have been reviewed and should be merged by the release coordinator
  • Stricken revisions have been rejected for the branch
1e3f0626ab drivers/poke: Only allow root() to open. Augustin Cavalier - TODO
8d13e72523 drivers/poke: Access the user buffers correctly. Augustin Cavalier - TODO
5ae6f34b81 drivers/poke: Compile as C++; some formatting cleanup. Augustin Cavalier - TODO
6172ccc455 Embedded Controller, sync with FreeBSD Fredrik Holmqvist - TODO
59a26ab62f FlattenPictureTest: add tests for ClipToRect,ClipToInverseRect,ClipToShape,ClipToInverseShape JackBurton79 - no
3211dccc22 FlattenPictureTest: add test for #6761 JackBurton79 - no
7985831a65 bin/multiuser: Do not exit with an error if stdin is not open. Augustin Cavalier - yes
d28caaed68 build_cross_tools: Also touch .in files to prevent their regeneration. waddlesplash - yes
b41678294b install-wifi-firmwares: Cleanup and fixes. Augustin Cavalier - yes
5e7b3530c8 freebsd11_network: Tolerate a NULL mutex being passed to msleep. Augustin Cavalier - yes
6aed80b4f7 freebsd11_network: Implement pause() using snooze() instead of cvars. Augustin Cavalier - yes
03e5dd5273 Fix documentation for BMessage::Previous Adrien Destugues - yes
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