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Merge Tracking

This page is used to track change sets since the creation of the beta1 branch.

To add the latest commits:

  • git log --pretty=format:"||%d || COMPONENT || %an || REVIEWER || COMMENTS || MERGEDIN ||"
  • paste into top of document from last un-documented hrev tag
  • remove lines without a hrev tag.
  • update component and tweak the author field
  • Preview, open each added rev in a new window and fill out the component and comments.

WARNING for Release Coordinator: Review all commits behind the hrev! You can and will miss commits by simply clicking the hrev! Make sure you click on the parent commit until you get to the previous hrev!


  • Bold revisions need to be reviewed
  • Italic revisions have been reviewed and should be merged by the release coordinator
  • Stricken revisions have been rejected for the branch
RevisionComponentCommitterReviewerCommentMerged in
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