Haiku R1 Beta 2 Release Addendum

While the Haiku Project strives for quality in official releases including alpha and betas, there will always be the chance of an unnoticed issue prior to release. This page serves to inform you of any notable issues and how to resolve them.

Summary Status Build Last updated
#16375 CodyCam bug makes it susceptible to DOS and RCE Resolved r1~beta2_hrev54154_116 12 July 2020
#15728 WebPositive may crash app_server on complex websites like YouTube Under investigation (partial fix) r1~beta2_hrev54154_115 (partial) 30 June 2020
radeon_hd: Fix chipset alignment bug, add missing Vega name Resolved r1~beta2_hrev54154_113 21 June 2020
app_server may crash due to missing locking Resolved r1~beta2_hrev54154_112 14 June 2020
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