R1/beta3 Timeline

Approved: This has been approved after a 7 day RFC period on the mailing list.

Small changes may happen, but this is our target!

A lot of these actions will be coordinated by the release coordinator and a sysadmin.

Update: July 11th - I'm choosing to bump the target day for the release by one week. This will give additional time for bug squashing in WebPositive.

  • DONE 13 June - 20 June: one week - last minute scramble.
    • Policy Don't commit anything risky.
    • Promotion team begin investigating physical CD's or USB sticks?
    • Policy "Soft" strings freeze begins.
    • Testing Testing starts ramping up.
  • DONE 21 June - June 25: branch r1beta3!
    • Sysadmin Branch r1beta3
    • Policy r1beta3 branch bug fix only!
    • Sysadmin Add r1beta3 to concourse
    • Sysadmin Concourse and Buildmaster should be generating r1beta3 TCs when forced.
    • Sysadmin No haikuports branch, not enough infrastructure. We didn't branch Haikuports for r1beta2
    • Sysadmin Generate an image and name it "Test Candidate 0"
    • Sysadmin Upgrade Haikuporter Buildmaster to a R1 / Beta 3 branch TC0 image
    • ICU upgrades?, build new webkit?
    • Opened logo contest for installer logo
  • DONE 26 June - 17 July: two weeks of xtreme testing
    • Sysadmin Generate additional "Test Candidate" images as needed for testing.
    • Development Work on fixing final WebPositive rendering issues.
    • Testing All hands on deck testing of test images.
    • Unless any unfixable showstoppers are found, don't halt the release.
    • Do general polishing of release notes, website, etc. during this time.
  • DONE 17 July - 24 July: one week to "get the goods"
  • 24 July - 31 July: one week of ham-fisting final images
    • Promotion team physical CD's or USB sticks?
    • Sysadmin Rename your latest release candidate to r1beta3, move from haiku-r1beta3/XXX to haiku-release/r1beta3/
    • Sysadmin Double and triple check sha256 sums
    • Sysadmin Generate a torrent, begin seeding and get a few other people to seed.
    • Sysadmin Give a few hours for release to make it to the mirrors.
      • Sysadmin Force a sync to Wasabi
        • DO not advertise final release images on Wasabi.. too much bandwidth.
      • Sysadmin Sync up working mirrors and release-r1b3
    • Sysadmin Push final images to IPFS repos and alert folks pinning to repin
      • Sysadmin Pin R1 / Beta 3 release folder CID on Pinata
    • Sysadmin Update website
      • Drop Draft on release-r1b3 page
      • get-haiku _index should become release-r1b1
      • release-r1b3 should become get-haiku_index
    • Release when ready; some window to account for unexpected delays.
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