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Welcome to the Haiku development tracker

Logging in

To login you will need an account for this service. If you do not have an account, you can register one by clicking the link in at the top. When creating a new account, be certain to provide your email address as it is necessary to obtain basic ticket modification privileges. Be sure to check your spam folder shortly afterwards, as the AccountVerificationEmail usually ends up there.

Using the tracker

  1. Read BugTrackerEtiquette. This mentions what content is appropriate, where to seek additional assistance, and peculiarities with our bug tracker.
  2. Read BugTrackerEtiquette and yes, we mean this.
  3. ReportingBugs details what information to include on bug reports and how to obtain it.
  4. SubmittingPatches mentions the preferred way for creating patches.

Have a look at TicketLife for more information on what will happen to your ticket during its lifetime.

Browsing the source

This installation provides a way for you to browse through the source. Use the Browse Source button in the navigation bar above to start at the root of the source tree.

Useful information

This Wiki stores some useful information that you might want to look at:

  • ApiDocumentationStatus contains a list of the current work on the API documentation. Also, have a look at the team page.
  • EasyTasks contains a list of tasks that can be an entry point for new contributors.
  • FutureHaikuFeatures lists functionality that would be well appreciated.
  • FutureHaikuFileSystem is a place to brainstorm Haiku's file system after R1.
  • APIChangesOnCompatibilityDrop is a collection of API changes we intend to make as soon as we drop BeOS backward compatibility.
  • PackageManagerIdeas is a place to hash out ideas regarding Haiku's package management (and creation).
  • HaikuCodingGuidelinesVIM is a small script that will detect some guideline violations for vim.
  • HaikuCodingStyleChecker is a python program that will detect some guideline violations.
  • The Coding Guidelines are expected to be followed.
Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.