This process turned out to be much too complicated and error prone. 3rd party GUI translations are now done at Polyglot

This document outlines how to manage a new project at the pootle site. Esp. how to manage the "3rd party apps" project there.

How to add a pootle project:

  1. For each language, create the folder/subfolder hierarchy of the apps together with their respective catkeys and zip it up.
    The zip for English would look like this, e.g:
unzip -l 
  Length      Date    Time    Name
---------  ---------- -----   ----
        0  04-06-2017 09:03   App-1/
    11545  03-30-2017 17:33   App-1/en.catkeys
        0  04-06-2017 09:04   App-2/
     5974  03-30-2017 17:34   App-2/en.catkeys
---------                     -------
    17519                     4 files

1.5. !Important! Only for English: prepare the en.catkeys with a script to remove the translated string, i.e. the last column in the catkeys.

Script '':

for i in `find . -name en.catkeys`; do
	sed -i -e '2,$s/[^\t]*$//g' "$i"; done
  1. Enter the English language.
  2. Upload the English zip.
  3. Go to "Administrate" of the project and "Update against templates" all languages.
  4. Enter all those languages at the pootle site and upload the zip with that language's catkeys, if available.

How to update catkeys:

Just like when adding the project. Of course only update the original en.catkeys (after running them through the script! ).
When uploading the zip, choose "Overwrite the current file if exists".
Then go to "Administrate" of the project and "Update against templates" all languages.

How to add another app to the project:

Like when adding the project, make sure the zip contains the whole file hierarchy with the already existing project folders. Those folders have to be empty!
The zip adding a "New-App" for English would look like this, two empty folders for the existing apps, one folder with the en.catkeys for the new app:

unzip -l 
  Length      Date    Time    Name
---------  ---------- -----   ----
        0  04-06-2017 09:05   App-1/
        0  04-06-2017 09:05   App-2/
        0  04-06-2017 09:05   New-App/
     5974  03-30-2017 17:34   New-App/en.catkeys
---------                     -------
     5974                     4 files

When uploading, choose "Merge" option.

How to export an app's catkeys:

Just enter the app and "Download" a zip with all languages.

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