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A Haiku Felhasználói Útmutató fordítása

Információk a fordítók számára

These pages are for the {language} translation of the Haiku User Guide using the online tool developed by Vincent Duvert. When translating you'll have to

Information for Language Managers

For every translation a "Language Manager" has to be voted on the haiku-i18n mailing list. His job is to

  • monitor the mailing lists
  • welcome newcomers
  • hand out sample blocks to test a potential volunteer's skills
  • call for votes when necessary
  • create translator accounts at the translation website,
  • read through the work esp. of newcomers and suggest improvements
  • update this Wiki according to what's been discussed

Our current Language Manager is dsjonny.


Ajánlott magyar szótár és a Dictionary Switcher kiegészítő telepítése a BeZilla böngészőhöz.

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