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Returning B_OK from DeviceAdded() callback, causing a SIGABRT — at Initial Version

Reported by: codewrangler Owned by: nobody
Priority: normal Milestone: R1
Component: Kits/Device Kit Version: R1/Development
Keywords: USB Cc:
Blocked By: Blocking:
Platform: x86


I get (3) DeviceAdded notifications (of Types 0,9,9), which I assume are the USB 'devices' already attached to the system (VMWare Fusion 6.x). After returning B_OK, from the last callback (same for all 3), I get a SIGABRT (according to gdb).

Here is the backtrace:

(gdb) backtrace #0 0x609a2114 in ?? () #1 0x006624eb in send_signal () from /boot/system/lib/ #2 0x006624a2 in raise () from /boot/system/lib/ #3 0x006b5c49 in abort () from /boot/system/lib/ #4 0x00643140 in default_terminate () from /boot/system/lib/ #5 0x0064315d in terminate () from /boot/system/lib/ #6 0x00644744 in pure_virtual () from /boot/system/lib/ #7 0x00e59b1d in WatchedEntry::~WatchedEntry ()

from /boot/system/lib/

#8 0x00e59af6 in WatchedEntry::~WatchedEntry ()

from /boot/system/lib/

#9 0x00e59af6 in WatchedEntry::~WatchedEntry ()

from /boot/system/lib/

#10 0x00e5a0bd in RosterLooper::Stop () from /boot/system/lib/ #11 0x00e5a3df in BUSBRoster::Stop () from /boot/system/lib/ #12 0x00e5a2b9 in BUSBRoster::~BUSBRoster () from /boot/system/lib/ #13 0x012821f3 in USBHandler::~USBHandler (this=0x1837d018, in_chrg=3)

at /boot/home/projects/MonitorCCID/MonitorCCIDApp.cpp:121

#14 0x01282015 in MonitorCCIDWindow::StartMonitoring (this=0x18382f80)

at /boot/home/projects/MonitorCCID/MonitorCCIDApp.cpp:81

#15 0x01281e6b in MonitorCCIDWindow::MonitorCCIDWindow (this=0x18382f80)

at /boot/home/projects/MonitorCCID/MonitorCCIDApp.cpp:48

#16 0x01281d2d in MonitorCCIDApp::ReadyToRun (this=0x72bd3444)

at /boot/home/projects/MonitorCCID/MonitorCCIDApp.cpp:40

---Type <return> to continue, or q <return> to quit--- #17 0x0103be91 in BApplication::DispatchMessage ()

from /boot/system/lib/

#18 0x01046e0d in BLooper::task_looper () from /boot/system/lib/ #19 0x0103a9fd in BApplication::Run () from /boot/system/lib/ #20 0x01282137 in main ()

at /boot/home/projects/MonitorCCID/MonitorCCIDApp.cpp:113

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