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Haiku x86-64 "blacks out" and freezes during JAM process

Reported by: Luposian Owned by: axeld
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Component: System/Kernel Version: R1/Development
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Platform: x86-64


The Jam process is going along fine, to a certain point, and then the screen just blacks out. The monitor LED (blue) indicates a signal is still being sent, but there is no image onscreen, no disk activity, and nothing I do will restore video or funtionality. Upon hitting reset, I go back into Haiku x86_64 and look at the /Generated folder, which does not have a finished built of Haiku, indicating it "blacked out" prior to finishing the Jam.

The revision I am using is hrev47054, I think.

Something during the built process is causing something to go really crazy, as the Jam doesn't just quit, it throws the whole computer out to lunch. But I have no clue what would do this or why.

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comment:1 by vooshy, 6 years ago

I'm assuming your trying to build haiku from within haiku? Is it possible that the graphics card is overheating?

comment:2 by bonefish, 6 years ago

Component: Build SystemSystem/Kernel
Owner: changed from bonefish to axeld

comment:3 by Luposian, 6 years ago

This has NEVER happened before. I mean... NEVER. As well, the system is using onboard video, not a video card. I've left the system on for hours and it never "blacks out" permanantly like this. I could try blowing a fan directly on the motherboard, but my gut tells me, it isn't an overheating issue. S'pose it wouldn't hurt to try, but I think this is some weird other issue. Compiling code doesn't tax the graphics card, anyways. It taxes the CPU. So, why would the graphics chip be acting up?

Would it help if I described the motherboard hardware in more detail?

comment:4 by Luposian, 6 years ago

Yes, I'm trying to build Haiku x86_64 within Haiku x86_64.

comment:5 by luroh, 6 years ago

Are you building Haiku on an indexed BFS partition? If so, try building on a non-indexed one (i.e., query support disabled).

comment:6 by Luposian, 6 years ago

So, I should try installing Haiku x86_64 (hrev47054) onto a non-index formatted partition, then re-download all the files and whatnot and then try Jam'ing Haiku x86_64 again? Does creating a raw Haiku image matter on an indexed or non-indexed partition? I'm not building it TO a partition (which I assume can only be done in Unbuntu, etc.), just trying to Jam a raw haiku image in the /Generated folder.

I think the black out issue was to do with the screen saver, not the Jam process. Why? Because I stood by, making sure I wiggled the mouse regularly (preventing it from going into any screen saver mode) and Jam stopped (code errors), but never blacked out.

So, apart from this (I suspect) never happening again, my issue is now just the inability to get a finished build of Haiku x86_64... again. :-(

in reply to:  6 comment:7 by luroh, 6 years ago

So, I should try installing Haiku x86_64 (hrev47054) onto a non-index formatted partition

No, just relegate your sources and compiling to a non-indexed partition.

comment:8 by Luposian, 6 years ago

Ok, the blackout issue is NOT the screensaver. I disabled the screensaver and, while I ran Jam, just a few minutes ago ("jam -a haiku-image") the screen just went totally black and wouldn't come back (drive light was still lit, like it was stil doing stuff, so I dunno).

I just went ahead, reformatted the partition (unchecked enable query (that's the indexing feature you're talking about, right?)) and am re-downloading everything all over again, just to make sure everything is clean.

Let's hope this works, because this is really weird!

comment:9 by Luposian, 6 years ago

Nope. Didn't work. Same thing happened... a little different, but the same. Instead of the screen going black, it went blank. The bluish desktop color remained, but everything else is just gone. No icons. No taskbar. Nothing. Just blank. I even pressed Alt-SysReq-d (as someone on the Haiku IRC channel suggested, which is supposed to force a KDL)... nothing. The only way to recover the system is to hit the reset button.

What on earth is going on? This is too weird!

comment:10 by luroh, 6 years ago

Milestone: R1Unscheduled

Moving non-x86 related tickets out of R1 milestone.

comment:11 by Luposian, 5 years ago

I'm no longer having this issue, with the latest builds, so I think we can consider this issue resolved.

comment:12 by waddlesplash, 5 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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