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#11453 closed bug (fixed)

web+ reproducibly crashes on a URL

Reported by: humdinger Owned by: pulkomandy
Priority: normal Milestone: R1
Component: Applications/WebPositive Version: R1/Development
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This is hrev48274.

Click this URL and watch web+ crash:

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		state: Exception (Segment violation)

		Frame		IP			Function Name
		0x71c189c8	0xf2cd25	WTFCrash + 0x25 
				0x00f2cd00:               55  push %ebp
				0x00f2cd01:             89e5  mov %esp, %ebp
				0x00f2cd03:               53  push %ebx
				0x00f2cd04:       e84ee6abff  call 0x9eb357
				0x00f2cd09:     81c3ff240a00  add $0xa24ff, %ebx
				0x00f2cd0f:           83ec04  sub $0x4, %esp
				0x00f2cd12:     8b83a0e90000  mov 0xe9a0(%ebx), %eax
				0x00f2cd18:             85c0  test %eax, %eax
				0x00f2cd1a:             7402  jz 0xf2cd1e
				0x00f2cd1c:             ffd0  call %eax
				0x00f2cd1e:       e87d47aaff  call 0x9d14a0
				0x00f2cd23:             31c0  xor %eax, %eax
				0x00f2cd25: c705efbeadbb0000  mov $0x0, 0xbbadbeef <--

			Frame memory:
				[0x71c189c0]  ........   09 cd f2 00 08 f2 fc 00
		0x71c18a78	0xaa3ef0	JSC::DFG::ByteCodeParser::handleGetById(int, unsigned int, JSC::DFG::Node*, unsigned int, JSC::GetByIdStatus const&) + 0x6a0 
		0x71c18b38	0xaa65ed	JSC::DFG::ByteCodeParser::parseBlock(unsigned int) + 0x205d 
		0x71c18c38	0xaa8917	JSC::DFG::ByteCodeParser::parseCodeBlock() + 0x117 
		0x71c18d68	0xaa9186	JSC::DFG::ByteCodeParser::parse() + 0xd6 
		0x71c18f08	0xaa98bf	JSC::DFG::parse(JSC::DFG::Graph&) + 0x20f 
		0x71c19618	0xb6925c	JSC::DFG::Plan::compileInThreadImpl(JSC::DFG::LongLivedState&) + 0x6c 
		0x71c19728	0xb69a79	JSC::DFG::Plan::compileInThread(JSC::DFG::LongLivedState&, JSC::DFG::ThreadData*) + 0x139 
		0x71c19788	0xaf16f9	JSC::DFG::compile(JSC::VM&, JSC::CodeBlock*, JSC::CodeBlock*, JSC::DFG::CompilationMode, unsigned int, JSC::Operands<JSC::JSValue, JSC::OperandValueTraits<JSC::JSValue> > const&, WTF::PassRefPtr<JSC::DeferredCompilationCallback>) + 0x579 
		0x71c198c8	0xc95e15	operationOptimize + 0x885 

complete report attached.

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debug report

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by humdinger, 5 years ago

debug report

comment:1 by pulkomandy, 4 years ago

This page doesn't crash here. Does it still crash for you?

comment:2 by humdinger, 4 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

Nice, doesn't crash anymore! Closing as fixed.

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