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#11773 new bug

Star and rating-graph views use incorrect background color

Reported by: pulkomandy Owned by: stippi
Priority: low Milestone: R1
Component: Applications/HaikuDepot Version: R1/Development
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It may not be easy to notice depending on your display setup, but on my machine it's possible to see. You can use Magnify which shows the exact color of each pixel.

  • The graph view in the rating tab has a background of #e3e3e3, the tab itself has a background of #dfdfdf
  • The stars view in the package details headers has a background of #d6d6d6, the window in that area is #d8d8d8 (shouldn't it be the same as inside the tabs? why is it different?)
  • The stars view on a selected list item (in featured packages) has #979797, the item selection is #999999

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comment:1 by stippi, 6 years ago

If I follow you correctly, the first item is intentional. That's just my freedom as a designer, I wanted the area of the rating-graph be visible. The second two items are probably be bugs. I think that using certain graphics operations darkens pixels that should not be darkened. You can look at how the rating view draws and then you'll probably understand what I mean and why it should not darken. I've noticed this problem quite some time ago but never found the time to investigate. The problem is in app_server.

comment:2 by apl-haiku, 9 months ago

I can confirm Stefan's comment here; the ratings bar-graph is intentionally tinted. The "star graphic" no longer seems to be exhibiting this problem. Would you please re-check and if it is still happening for you, attach a screenshot highlighting the problem.

comment:3 by pulkomandy, 9 months ago

The problem is still there, what happens is the way the stars are greyed out also changes the background color slightly. Because the difference is subtle, it is hard to see (or even impossible on some displays). On my laptop it is visible if I tilt the screen a bit, but not if I look straight in front on it.

You can check with Magnify, put the red-cross pixel on the area between two active stars (here the background color is normal) and between two disabled stars (here the background color is very slightly darker)

For the bar-graph, ok, this looks strange to me without border around it and with such a subtle difference.

comment:4 by X512, 9 months ago

Issue confirmed. B_TRANSPARENT_BACKGROUND view flag can be used to solve issue.

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