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Fail safe video mode should be automatically selected when GPU not supported by driver

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Currently my Intel GPU is not supported by the Intel Extreme driver, therefore I must use fail-safe video mode on each and every boot by selecting it in safe mode options. This was not always the case. Haiku Alpha 3 will boot straight into VESA without having to perform this extra step.

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syslog_hrev50505 (264.6 KB ) - added by vidrep 4 years ago.
syslog_alpha3 (300.3 KB ) - added by vidrep 4 years ago.
syslog (132.0 KB ) - added by vidrep 3 years ago.

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comment:1 by pulkomandy, 4 years ago

Please include listdev entry for your video device.

comment:2 by vidrep, 4 years ago

device Display controller (VGA compatible controller, VGA controller) [3|0|0]

vendor 8086: Intel Corporation device 0042: Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller

comment:3 by vidrep, 4 years ago

I have attached the syslogs for a fresh install and boot of hrev50505 as well as alpha3, just in case a comparision may prove useful.

by vidrep, 4 years ago

Attachment: syslog_hrev50505 added

by vidrep, 4 years ago

Attachment: syslog_alpha3 added

comment:4 by pulkomandy, 4 years ago

This feature is already there, if no driver supports the device, we fallback to VESA. The problem here is that the driver pretends it supports it, and then fails to get the display working.

As can be sean in the log:

1805	KERN: intel_extreme: detect_intel_pch: Found Ibex Peak PCH
1806	KERN: intel_extreme: (0) IronLake Desktop, revision = 0x2

And then later on:

4364	KERN: intel_extreme: _IlkTrain: FDI train 1 failure!
4365	KERN: intel_extreme: Train: FDI training fault.

comment:5 by vidrep, 3 years ago

Is this issue going to be resolved in some fashion before Beta? If the Intel driver itself isn't fixed, we really should fall back on VESA automatically, such as was done on Alpha 3. Otherwise, there will be a lot of duplicate tickets and IRC queries generated by people trying out the Haiku Beta.

comment:6 by pulkomandy, 3 years ago

There never was an automatic fallback to VESA. This is not how this thing works.

The intel driver declares support for a set of video devices. If it declares support, then it should handle them in a way that result in something on the display. If it doesn't work with some devices, either we should fix this, or remove the devices from the supported list.

In your case, the device ID was added in c0cb09baee3bf, where mmlr says it is "disabled because it is not working", but apparently this is not the case (I guess a #if 0 was forgotten, to actually disable it).

What do you mean by "not supported"? I guess black screen, but you should describe the exact setup (which output is the display connected to, etc) and result. With that we can try to fix the driver, or if we really can't fin the problem, remove the device from the list of supported ones so VESA is used instead.

I think the fix should not be too complex, because we have devices from both previous and following generations working already, so supporting this one shouldn't be very far - it's just about using the right combination of steps from the previous and next generations of hardware, and possibly some things specific to this one. It is not so easy to debug without access to a machine for testing, however.

comment:7 by vidrep, 3 years ago

This is my current setup as shown in listdev:

device Display controller (VGA compatible controller, VGA controller) [3|0|0]

vendor 8086: Intel Corporation

device 0152: Xeon E3-1200 v2/3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller

The issue is black screen on VGA output.

My previous setup is documented in this open ticket:

comment:8 by vidrep, 3 years ago

I have attached the syslog from this morning when it boots into a black screen.

by vidrep, 3 years ago

Attachment: syslog added

comment:9 by vidrep, 3 years ago

patch: 01

comment:10 by vidrep, 3 years ago

This ticket is related as well:

comment:11 by pulkomandy, 3 years ago

This is not the same device originally reported in this ticket. It is confusing if you do this, as "black screen" may actually be different problems on each device. So, I would prefer a separate ticket for each machine, and a precise report as requested above:

  • listdev entry for the device
  • syslog
  • hardware setup (internal laptop screen, or if external, which port it is plugged to)

comment:12 by vidrep, 3 years ago

New ticket created for current setup

My previous PC is long gone. However, should someone decide at some point to look into the driver for it, I'm sure I could find another unit for testing.

comment:13 by pulkomandy, 3 years ago

patch: 10

comment:14 by vidrep, 22 months ago

We blacklisted non-working hardware so Haiku falls back on VESA in Beta already (not in nightlies). Can this ticket be closed?

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