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netfs Network icon only shows at 32X32

Reported by: bbjimmy Owned by: nobody
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Component: File Systems/NetFS Version: R1/Development
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Install netfs from the Haiku repository.

Modify the netfs_mount script to work... copy the file out of bin to the Desktop, change the permissions so that one may write, open in Styled edit, add #!/bin/sh as line one and mark the file executable. Double-click the file. Now there is a Networkn icon on the Desktop or in the Disks, "/" folder. icons at 32x32

change to icon view and change the icon size to anything other than 32x32 and the Network icon either is gone or looks like a TV display that is not properly synced. icons at 40x40

I do not know what component is at fault as I could not locate the icon.

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Device_Network_Harddisk (22.1 KB ) - added by bbjimmy 4 years ago.
Network disk icon
Device_Network_Harddisk1 (36.0 KB ) - added by bbjimmy 4 years ago.
another Network Disk icon
Device_Network_Harddisk1.2 (36.0 KB ) - added by bbjimmy 4 years ago.
another Network Disk icon
Device_Networked_Harddisk.3 (26.9 KB ) - added by bbjimmy 4 years ago.
Device_NAS.png (2.7 KB ) - added by humdinger 4 years ago.

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comment:1 by pulkomandy, 4 years ago

This is an "old style" BeOS bitmap icon. It is probably provided only at 32x32 and possibly 16x16. For other sizes, we need a vector icon instead.

comment:2 by humdinger, 4 years ago

But we do have scaling for old-style bitmap icons... See for example /bin/CortexAddOnHost.

by bbjimmy, 4 years ago

Attachment: Device_Network_Harddisk added

Network disk icon

by bbjimmy, 4 years ago

Attachment: Device_Network_Harddisk1 added

another Network Disk icon

by bbjimmy, 4 years ago

Attachment: Device_Network_Harddisk1.2 added

another Network Disk icon

comment:3 by bbjimmy, 4 years ago

We should use one of these:

icons attatched, sory for the third file, my Internet connection bonked out and I wasn't sure it was saved.

comment:4 by bbjimmy, 4 years ago

The icon seems to be here: listed as

resource(R_ShareIcon) #'ICON' array

can we just replace this with a vicon ?

comment:5 by miqlas, 4 years ago

bbjimmy, could we get a HDD icon just with the globe? IT would be a bit better, i think.

comment:6 by bbjimmy, 4 years ago

This one might be ok?

by bbjimmy, 4 years ago

Attachment: Device_Networked_Harddisk.3 added

comment:7 by diver, 4 years ago

Blocked By: 12069 added
Resolution: duplicate
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comment:8 by humdinger, 4 years ago

WRT the icon, I don't think using a version of the harddisk icon (maybe with an overlay) is quite consistent. Harddisk + overlay is currently used to indicate local drives (boot drive, nighlty boot drive, BeOS drive, Zeta drive etc.). The network drive is normally just a shared folder. I committed an icon for NAS devices, which may fit the bill:


by humdinger, 4 years ago

Attachment: Device_NAS.png added


comment:9 by bbjimmy, 4 years ago

I think the icon should have some indication that it is networked. The world is being used in Haiku to represent a Network or that a file is used on the network ... IE html files. This icon does not indicate that it has anything to do with the network.

comment:10 by axeld, 4 years ago

I like it, and even if something more fitting in bbjimmy's opinion comes along, it's always only a single commit away :-)

comment:12 by humdinger, 4 years ago

For some reason, replacing
resource(R_ShareIcon) #'ICON' array { -- bitmapdata -- } and
resource(R_MICN_ShareIcon) #'MICN' array { -- bitmapdata -- }
resource(R_ShareIcon) #'VICN' array { --vectordata-- }
in TrackerIcons.rdef (and removing R_MICN_ShareIcon = 1051 from TrackerIcons.h) doesn't do the trick.
I now get the - I think - query icon...

Besides: Shouldn't it be investigated why the bitmap scaling doesn't work in this circumstance?
Maybe jscipione can look into it? IIRC he implemented the bitmap scaling.

comment:13 by pulkomandy, 4 years ago

The TrackerIcons are generic icons for when the device does not provide anything. The "query" icon is also used as the "generic volume" icon when nothing is available.

Getting the icon happens in kits/tracker/IconCache.cpp, which then requests it from kits/tracker/Bitmaps.cpp:144 (GetIconResource). This function does not attempt any scaling, and will just return an error if called with a size other than 16 or 32. It does handle vector icons, however, so I'm surprised that doesn't work.

comment:14 by humdinger, 4 years ago

It may be that this shared-icon doesn't work for my NFS4 mounted share...
I uploaded the built Tracker+lib to my Dropbox. Maybe bbjimmy can give it a try to see if the new vector icon appears for him.

Before starting the Tracker from that package, you have to "launch_roster stop" to prevent the launch_damon from restarting the old system Tracker. Restart with "launch_roster start".

comment:15 by bbjimmy, 4 years ago

This is slightly better, now it shows a vicon, just not the one expected:

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comment:16 by bbjimmy, 4 years ago

looking at with QuickRes, R-Shareicon looks like the query icon.

resource(R_ShareIcon) #'VICN' array { --vectordata-- } Are you sure you put the right vectordata in the source?

comment:17 by humdinger, 4 years ago

I was sure that I pasted the correct rdef data, but now that you point it out... I managed to mess the copy&paste up. Damn! I'm committing the correct change momentarily... Thanks!

comment:18 by axeld, 4 years ago

So can we close this now?

comment:19 by humdinger, 4 years ago

It already is closed as duplicate. :)
There are other tickets dealing with the underlying issue of messed up scaled bitmap icons.

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