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#1320 closed bug (fixed)

KDL on /bin/listarea

Reported by: jonas.kirilla Owned by: axeld
Priority: critical Milestone: R1
Component: System/Kernel Version: R1/pre-alpha1
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Has a Patch: no Platform: All


Having a script loop on /bin/listarea crashes reproducibly if there's some other activity on the system.

A KDL sample:

vm_delete_areas() did not delete area 0x90acc380 PANIC: page fault, but interrupts were disabled. Touching address 0x00000038 from eip 0x8008be9d

Welcome to Kernel Debugging Land... Running on CPU 0 kdebug> bt stack trace for thread 0x2b5 "listarea"

kernel stack: 0x9c7f2000 to 0x9c7f6000

user stack: 0x7efe7000 to 0x7ffe7000

frame caller <image>:function + offset 9c7f5aa0 (+ 52) 8007c9cb <kernel>:invoke_command + 0x0073 9c7f5ad4 (+ 48) 8007cb12 <kernel>:kernel_debugger_loop + 0x0102 9c7f5b04 (+ 32) 8007d56a <kernel>:kernel_debugger + 0x00b2 9c7f5b24 (+ 192) 8007d4ad <kernel>:panic + 0x0029 9c7f5be4 (+ 160) 80085c98 <kernel>:i386_handle_trap + 0x01e8 iframe at 0x9c7f5c8c (end = 0x9c7f5ce0)

eax 0x1 ebx 0x90ab3e00 ecx 0x10 edx 0x38 esi 0x1 edi 0x9c7f5d30 ebp 0x9c7f5d04 esp 0x9c7f5cbc eip 0x8008be9d eflags 0x10002 vector: 0xe, error code: 0x2

9c7f5c84 (+ 128) 8008be9d <kernel>:atomic_add + 0x0008 (nearest) 9c7f5d04 (+ 48) 80053f32 <kernel>:_get_next_area_info + 0x0042 9c7f5d34 (+ 128) 8005478e <kernel>:_user_get_next_area_info + 0x003e 9c7f5db4 (+ 336) 80031c2b <kernel>:syscall_dispatcher + 0x0def 9c7f5f04 (+ 160) 80085d71 <kernel>:i386_handle_trap + 0x02c1 iframe at 0x9c7f5fac (end = 0x9c7f6000)

eax 0x80 ebx 0x29d4a0 ecx 0x2b9 edx 0x7ffe6e2c esi 0x7ffe6e2c edi 0x7ffe6e30 ebp 0x7ffe6dfc esp 0x9c7f5fdc eip 0xffff0102 eflags 0x213 vector: 0x63, error code: 0x0

9c7f5fa4 (+ 0) ffff0102 7ffe6dfc (+ 224) 00200c1d </bin/listarea@0x00200000>:unknown + 0x0c1d 7ffe6edc (+ 160) 00200cdd </bin/listarea@0x00200000>:unknown + 0x0cdd 7ffe6f7c (+ 48) 0020096f </bin/listarea@0x00200000>:unknown + 0x096f 7ffe6fac (+ 48) 001007c8 11221:runtime_loader_seg0ro@0x00100000 + 0x7c8 7ffe6fdc (+ 0) 7ffe6fec 11220:/bin/listarea_main_stack@0x7efe7000 + 0xffffec

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comment:1 Changed 12 years ago by axeld

Priority: normalcritical

comment:2 Changed 12 years ago by axeld

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

This one should be fixed in hrev21848. Can you confirm?

comment:3 Changed 12 years ago by jonas.kirilla

/bin/listarea hangs on semaphore named "address space" and can't be killed, so I can't say if it is fixed or not.

comment:4 Changed 12 years ago by axeld

Thanks for the update! That particular problem is gone with hrev21862, at least.

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