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#14835 new bug

libusb syscall stalls when EHCI errors

Reported by: pulkomandy Owned by: mmlr
Priority: normal Milestone: Unscheduled
Component: Drivers/USB/EHCI Version: R1/Development
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KERN: usb_disk: got device name "Canon MP620 series 0109": No error
KERN: usb error ehci -1: qtd (0xe4c7000) error: 0x40000148
KERN: usb error ehci -1: qtd (0xe30fa80) error: 0x801f8049
KERN: usb_disk: sending the command block wrapper failed: Device check-sum error
KERN: usb error ehci -1: qtd (0xe30fc00) error: 0x00080248
KERN: usb error ehci -1: qtd (0xe30fe00) error: 0x00080248
KERN: usb error ehci -1: qtd (0xe310000) error: 0x00080248
KERN: usb hub 18: port 4: device removed

Error 0x80248 means we failed sending an 8 byte setup token, transaction halted because device is in error state.

The transfer should either be retried, or the error raised to the calling code by the mean of the USB transfer completion callback. But it seems this never happens. As a result the ioctl syscall doing the operation never returns.

From a quick look at the EHCI code, it appears that we don't call the callback for cancelled transfers. We cancel transfers without calling the callback if doing a "force" cancel, which happens in bus manager Pipe destructor.

So basically, we could end up in this situation if the Pipe was deleted while transfers where queued, and they were not properly cancelled.

I can produce a similar issue with sigrok-cli and an fx2lafw device.

I will be studying the bus manager code, but if someone with more knowledge of the architecture could have a look, that would be great.

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comment:1 Changed 8 weeks ago by waddlesplash

I guess it makes sense to force-cancel transfers from Pipe destructor; but I'm not sure why the transfers were not cancelled earlier. Pipe destruction happens during Device teardown; likely the Device teardown should cancel any queued transfers "normally"?

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