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noto_sans_cjk: make it a supplement of haiku package

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Having noto_sans_cjk (which the largest (117MB) package) installed by default is fine, however it could be made a supplement of haiku package instead of requiring it.

A bit of discussion is here

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comment:1 by korli, 12 months ago

"make it a supplement" means modifying noto_sans_cjk. Just remove the requirement. However switching to some cjk languages should propose to install the package if absent.

comment:2 by diver, 12 months ago

Should't noto_sans_cjk be added to SUPPLEMENTS block in package_infos files? Like this:


comment:3 by pulkomandy, 12 months ago

I think being able to display CJK characters is an important feature of the OS and worth the few extra megabytes. It is used not only when you switch the system to CJK, but also when you visit a web page using these languages, for example. Making it optional is only making life more complex for our users who need these languages. They could just as well say that the non-CJK fonts are useless and need not be a dependency of the OS.

comment:4 by diver, 12 months ago

True, however making it a supplement provides a way to delete this package for those who needs extra space which is the case at least for those who dd'ed anyboot image and is constrained to image size. I imagine there could be other use cases as well.

comment:5 by tqh, 12 months ago

Could it be an optional install in the installer, but enabled by default?

comment:6 by diver, 12 months ago

That would be the best.

comment:7 by pulkomandy, 12 months ago

That problem is solved by adding more free space to the image, or by finishing the work on the filesystem resizer, not by allowing people to remove parts of the OS.

If people agree that Haiku does not need it, I will next argue that WebPositive does, and start requiring it in any of my apps that may need to display CJK text. And no problem will be solved :)

comment:8 by diver, 12 months ago

I'm not saying that Haiku does not need it :) I'm just saying giving a user a choice to remove it if needed would be nice, that's it.

comment:9 by pulkomandy, 12 months ago

As an application and Haiku developer, I prefer to know that I can rely on the font being there. If we let people uninstall it, then all applications have to worry about this case and handle it properly (by showing an appropriate error message in that case, and documenting how to install/reinstall the fonts).

As I said, I don't want to bother with doing this in all my apps that may need to display CJK test, so WebPositive will require these fonts anyway - they are needed for the app to function properly, and the same could be said of app_server, which hardcodes this font name currently when trying to display such characters, whatever the font you are trying to use.

comment:10 by waddlesplash, 11 months ago

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