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AtherosWifi does not find wifi networks

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Running on 32bit Haiku O/S, on current nightly build (18th August, 2019).

Under previous builds, the wifi controller would find the networks, and connect successfully.

In the most recent nightly build we get this:

~>ifconfig /dev/net/atheroswifi0/down ~>ifconfig /dev/net/atheroswifi0/up ~>ifconfig /dev/net/atheroswifi0/scan name address signal auth ~>

Extract from syslog:

KERN: wlan_control:9235,78 KERN: wlan_control:9235,76 KERN: wlan_control:9235,78 KERN: wlan_control:9235,76


KERN: wlan_control:9235,16 KERN: wlan_control:9235,17 KERN: wlan_control:9235,28 KERN: wlan_control:9235,98 KERN: wlan_close(0xe314ec00) KERN: [net/atheroswifi/0] stop running, 1 vaps running KERN: [net/atheroswifi/0] ieee80211+new+state+locked: SCAN -> INIT (nrunning 0 nscanning 0) KERN: [net/atheorswifi/0] down parent KERN: [net/atheroswifi/0] ieee80211_newstate_cb: SCAN -> INIT arg -1 KERN: [net/atheroswifi/0] sta_newstate: SCAN -> INIT (-1) KERN: [net/atheroswifi/0] node_reclaim: remove 0x811160000<f0:7b:cb:61:c9:7e> from station table, refcnt 2 KERN: [net/atheroswifi/0] [f0:7b:cb:61:c97e] ieee80211_alloc_node: inact_reload 2


KERN: ieee80211_notify_scan_done KERN: wlan_control: 9234, 76

The message: KERN: wlan_control: 9234, 76 (with similar numbers) is repeated throughout the log.



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