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ctrl-tab: mouse cursor is not warped

Reported by: nutela Owned by: stippi
Priority: normal Milestone: R1
Component: User Interface Version: R1/Development
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Platform: x86


Rev 24195 Have more then 1 window open. In mouse prefs set to FFM and Warping. Press ctrl-tab, and select other window, other window gets focus, mouse cursor is not warped but stays on the previous window which had focus -> bug

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comment:1 by axeld, 12 years ago

Warping is not yet implemented indeed. I'm not yet sure how to handle it best, but we'll see.

comment:2 by nutela, 12 years ago

Tracker windows can't be focused+raised at all this way.

comment:3 by stippi, 10 years ago

I am not sure anymore that warping is a good idea at all. It won't work with tablets. It doesn't make sense with touchscreens... it is totally mouse specific.

comment:4 by nutela, 10 years ago

It is for keyboard use, if you use alt+tab or in Haiku ctrl+tab (by default).

comment:5 by stippi, 10 years ago

I understand what it is for.

comment:6 by nutela, 10 years ago

So then you understand this feature is about focusing the window without pointing (without any mouse useage) and is only useful when you use FFM i.e. Focus Follow Mouse. If you check Apple's patents which can measure your finger hovering above the screen this is could also be a form of FFM.

comment:7 by stippi, 10 years ago

Do you realize that FFM mode will not interfere with activating a window via keyboard? It will let the window have focus even though the pointer is not over it (on Haiku). As soon as you move the pointer, FFM kicks in again. And it is exactly my point that as soon as the pointer kicks in, warping is a bad idea, since it doesn't work for certain input devices. In essence, positioning the pointer in app_server is a layering violation.

comment:8 by nutela, 10 years ago

OK but I see this as a useability issue; With FFM you have to be careful where your mouse is but it is much quicker less strain etc. (It is especially handy if you don't want to raise the active window i.e. which has focus, that's why I use it mainly). So the useability; what will happen if you bump into your mouse? Will it refocus then? -->If you put the mouse on the middle of a relativly big window, bumping the mouse slightly is no problem but when it is already not above the focused window bumbing the mouse or even vibrations by typing on a keyboard could de-focus. Now I personally have no problem with the mouse pointer not being above the window or warping-effect but it is poor to let the technical details/problems be visible to the user this way. I would suggest a visual workaround so that it still looks like the real thing but maybe you have better suggestions? Have a poll?

comment:9 by axeld, 10 years ago

Resolution: invalid
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Version: R1/pre-alpha1R1/Development

I find the current FFM implementation almost livable (there is only a scrolling focus issue to be solved). FFM is obviously for those advanced users only, and they should be well aware of the disadvantages it brings with it (like possibly focusing another window after "bumping into your mouse").

Moving the mouse cursor around is a not a solution IMO, though. And to be honest, I don't even see a problem. If you bump into your mouse frequently, it sits at the wrong spot -- just don't use FFM then :-)

Also, you might have noticed that the warping modes have disappeared from the Mouse preferences for quite some time. And for a reason.

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