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#2150 closed bug (duplicate)

KDL: when running 'svn up' on haiku-host

Reported by: kaoutsis Owned by: axeld
Priority: normal Milestone: R1
Component: - General Version: R1/pre-alpha1
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...let's open a new ticket this time.


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serial-log.txt (2.8 KB ) - added by ddew 15 years ago.
Serial log from hrev25116

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comment:1 by kaoutsis, 15 years ago

vm_page_fault: unhandled page fault in kernel space at 0x800305c9, ip 0x8006af14

kdebug> where
stack trace for thread 9 "block notifier/writer"
    kernel stack: 0x80147000 to 0x8014b000
frame            caller     <image>:function + offset
8014aa6c (+  52) 8008d00b   <kernel>:invoke_debugger_command + 0x00cf
8014aaa0 (+  64) 8008ddac   <kernel>:_ParseCommand__16ExpressionParserRi + 0x01f8
8014aae0 (+  48) 8008d79e   <kernel>:EvaluateCommand__16ExpressionParserPCcRi + 0x01de
8014ab10 (+ 228) 8008eec0   <kernel>:evaluate_debug_command + 0x0088
8014abf4 (+  64) 8008bb4e   <kernel>:kernel_debugger_loop__Fv + 0x017a
8014ac34 (+  48) 8008c7f9   <kernel>:kernel_debugger + 0x010d
8014ac64 (+ 192) 8008c6e1   <kernel>:panic + 0x0029
8014ad24 (+  64) 800631f7   <kernel>:vm_page_fault + 0x00ab
8014ad64 (+  64) 8009b2ad   <kernel>:page_fault_exception + 0x00b1
8014ada4 (+  12) 8009e98d   <kernel>:int_bottom + 0x001d (nearest)
iframe at 0x8014adb0 (end = 0x8014ae08)
 eax 0x90eca000     ebx 0x93128ba4      ecx 0x93128ba4   edx 0x800305c9
 esi 0x90cdfe44     edi 0x0             ebp 0x8014ae48   esp 0x8014ade4
 eip 0x8006af14  eflags 0x10286
 vector: 0xe, error code: 0x3
8014adb0 (+ 152) 8006af14   <kernel>:flush_pending_notifications__FP11block_cache + 0x00e8
8014ae48 (+  64) 8006b069   <kernel>:flush_pending_notifications__Fv + 0x0069
8014ae88 (+ 336) 8006d185   <kernel>:block_notifier_and_writer__FPv + 0x0055
8014afd8 (+  32) 8003aafb   <kernel>:_create_kernel_thread_kentry__Fv + 0x001b
8014aff8 (+2146127880) 8003aa90   <kernel>:thread_kthread_exit__Fv + 0x0000
kdebug> thread 9
THREAD: 0x90b9b800
id:                 9 (0x9)
name:               "block notifier/writer"
all_next:           0x00000000
team_next:          0x90b91000
q_next:             0x800df5e0
priority:           5 (next 5)
state:              running
next_state:         ready
cpu:                0x800f2ec0 (0)
sig_pending:        0x0 (blocked: 0x0)
in_kernel:          1
sem blocking:       -1
condition variable: 0x00000000
fault_handler:      0x8008d020
args:               0x00000000 0x00000000
entry:              0x8006d130
team:               0x90b68780, "kernel_team"
  exit.sem:         184
  exit.status:      0x0 (No error)
  exit.reason:      0x0
  exit.signal:      0x0
kernel_stack_area:  86
kernel_stack_base:  0x80147000
user_stack_area:    -1
user_stack_base:    0x00000000
user_local_storage: 0x00000000
kernel_errno:       0x0 (No error)
kernel_time:        332166
user_time:          0
flags:              0x0
architecture dependant section:
        esp: 0x8014ab4c
        ss: 0x80140010
        fpu_state at 0x90b9bb80

by ddew, 15 years ago

Attachment: serial-log.txt added

Serial log from hrev25116

comment:2 by ddew, 15 years ago

I've attached the serial log from hrev25116.

This happens on a clean install after ftping over a zipped up copy of the buildtools and try to unzip them.

comment:3 by bonefish, 15 years ago

Resolution: duplicate
Status: newclosed

Seems to be a dup of #2059.

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