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Tracker preferences should be accessible from the preferences menu/folder

Reported by: aldeck Owned by: axeld
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Tracker preferences should be accessible from the preferences menu/folder.

You get used to it with time (almost), but it sure is unintuitive and inconsistant. Tracker prefs is not a separate app, this might change in the future, but for now, it would be nice to find a way to "link" to it in the prefs menu and folder.

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comment:1 by dustin howett, 11 years ago

With a little better IPC, it shouldn't be too hard to externalize tracker's settings entirely (pretty well-encapsulated), and if that were to happen, might as well do Deskbar, too. But then this ticket would need renaming.

comment:2 by aldeck, 11 years ago

ok, it was really cheap to do it via scripting for now, see hrev28329

comment:3 by aldeck, 11 years ago

Ok, if everyone is still ok with this enhancement, i've got a few questions to finish the job.

  1. do you prefer a script 'hey Tracker DO Preferences', or a small executable that sends the message?
  2. what's a good place for that in the source tree/jamfiles?
  3. what's a good place for that in the resulting build? directly in the prefs folder or via a symbolic link to somewhere else?

As a side question, wouldn't it be nice to show an alert if tracker isn't running?

PS: if you think it's faster for you to do it instead of explaining it here, go ahead, i'll learn from the diff :)

comment:4 by stippi, 11 years ago

  1. I'd prefer a small app. Maybe easier to add a proper icon or do some other tricks. Maybe we'd even want to move the settings code there one day.
  1. src/preferences/tracker
  1. directly in the prefs folder I'd say.

sidenote: I'd just start it. :-)

Thanks for looking into it! If there is no Tracker window open, you can't even get to the preferences at all.

comment:5 by anevilyak, 11 years ago

Perhaps it'd be best to simply move the tracker settings into a standalone preflet and have Tracker just use be_roster to invoke that instead of the other way around?

comment:6 by aldeck, 11 years ago

Well, although it's a very wanted enhancement IMO, apparently no one wanted to get his hands too dirty :) (except me, well not that dirty :P)
Besides it's not necessarily a wrong nor hackish approach if you think of it. Regards :)

comment:7 by aldeck, 11 years ago

Ok, now comes a jam question, i can't simply use 'Preference Tracker' in the jamfile (to generate /boot/beos/preferences/Tracker) because it obviously clashes with 'Application Tracker'.
Is there a simple trick to have a target name different from the executable name? Or should we just find another name? For testing i used TrackerPreferences, but that's just ugly :)

comment:8 by umccullough, 11 years ago

I suspect the answer to your question is "use grist!"

Here's a thread that can probably enlighten:

comment:9 by umccullough, 11 years ago

To be clear, you might call it <preference>Tracker

comment:10 by aldeck, 11 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

Thanks for the hints! Implemented in hrev29087

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