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HAIKU_IMAGE_SIZE in UserBuildConfig - behaved in inconsistent manner.

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This item may be related to ticket 3879.

Please Note: It is been many months since I last compiled the Haiku.

FIRST - I did a full download - and configured UserConfig similarly to my previous experiences. With HAIKU_IMAGE_SIZE set to 300. And HAIKU_ADD_ALL_OPTIONAL_PACKAGES = 1. The jam command was 'jam -q haiku-image'.

The build was partially successfull. Creating the 300 Mb image but the optional packages were missing.

Seems obvious as to what was wrong ...

SECOND - I commented out the 'HAIKU_ADD_ALL_OPTIONAL_PACKAGES' and replaced it with 'AddOptionalHaikuImagePackages', specifying all of the packages that I wanted.

Now - the packages were downloaded - but the image that was created was only 128 Mb.

Every subsequent build attempt - always created an image that was only 128 Mb in size. I even deleted the 'image', but the next rebuild still created it with the default size - regardless of what I set HAIKU_IMAGE_SIZE to.

My build environment was on Ubuntu 8.04


  • I removed all optional packages from UserBuildConfig. The build then successfully created a 300 Mb image.
  • Next - I restored the optional packages. Using the 'AddOptionalHaikuImagePackages' method. This time the build created an image of the proper size, with all of the desired packages.
  • There seems to be some sort of persistent environment setting that is sensitive to the presence of optional packages. Only when I removed the optional packages - did it clear itself. After which my builds were normal, even when I re-applied the optional packages again.

You may close this ticket if you wish.

I submit it as a reference for others who might encounter the same issues.

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comment:1 by mmadia, 14 years ago

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First, I appreciate your interest in Haiku.

It is very likely that you had a syntax error in your UserBuildConfig.

Please view . That page describes where to seek assistance for such errors.

closing --> invalid.

comment:2 by mmlr, 14 years ago

To clarify some more. The "add all packages" functionality has been removed by now. You should not blindly install every optional package, but selectively take out those that you want. One of the reasons was that there may be incompatibilities between optional packages and default installs (like in the OpenSound vs. hda case) or that there are simply packages that make not much sense for an installation except for a few special cases (like some of the test packages). Therefore you should choose the packages you need as a conscious decision.

As Matt already pointed out it is most likely that you had a syntax error when you changed your UserBuildConfig so that the image size setting was rendered useless. Most likely a missing space between a closing semicolon.

But as Matt also points out we usually don't document stuff using tickets. For that case a message to an appropriate mailing list is a better fit.

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