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Middle mouse click and key combos

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This is hrev33154 running natively.

[Not sure this is the right trac component, move if necessary.]

I'm quite sure that back when I was using Haiku under VirtualBox, pressing left+right mouse button together would generate a middle mouse click. Important for laptop usage. I used it to open links in tabs in BeZilla.

Now, left+right is simply that: left+right.

Watching the Mouse prefs, I see that CTRL+ALT+left-click simulates a middle-click. But this is already the keycombo to move windows, grabbing anywhere.

So, I suggest these enhancements:

  • have left+right == middle
  • change click-to-drag-window to another modifier. I'd like to see using the OPT (=WIN =SUPER) key for more system shortcuts, so OPT+left-click to drag, OPT+right-click to send back (and from my other ticket #4493, if it's going to be implemented, OPT+left-click-on-border to resize from that border.)

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comment:1 by anevilyak, 13 years ago

Personally I don't like the left+right = middle idea at all. In order for it to be at all usable there needs to be a timing fudge factor since you're unlikely to press both at 100% identical time. This in turn will likely cause false positives such that doing things like left clicking to select something and then right clicking to get its context menu will falsely trigger middle click. It also generally seems pointless since I can count the number of mice I've seen in the last decade without a wheel and consequently hardware middle click on one hand. I'm fine with having a key combo for it if the mouse is missing such a button but imo it's not a good idea to co-opt the mouse buttons.

comment:2 by humdinger, 13 years ago

Notebooks usually come with only two mouse buttons. And I can't say I ever experienced any problems with the left+right=middle under Ubuntu.
So, however it's solved, maybe we can agree on moving the click-to-move keycombo to OPT+click so it no longer collides with the existing simulated middle-click (CTRL+ALT+click).

comment:3 by humdinger, 12 years ago

I was just about to file another ticket concerning the middle-mousebutton, when I remembered vaguely that I did that already sometime... :) I just add to this one then, acknowledging that OPT+click for moving windows would interfere with apps already using the OPT key (e.g. WonderBrush):

How about CTRL+OPT+LMB for MMB?

Also, MMB plus moving the mouse could emulate the mouse-wheel (moving up or right for wheel-up, moving down or left for wheel-down). This would make life easier for people with a laptop or a two-button mouse or a mouse without wheel, esp. for zooming in e.g. ShowImage and WonderBrush. Web+ could also profit (MMB opens links in a new tab), but that doesn't seem to care about mouse button emulation: CTRL+LMB isn't recognized as right-click.

comment:4 by dukzcry, 10 years ago

Notebooks usually come with only two mouse buttons

I will add that a bit set of laptops have fingerprint sensors, and some of them have such right between touchpad's hardbuttons. If somebody wish to implement driver, supporting scanning of fingerprints for such sensors, that one may add handling of clicks/scrolls towards sensor's frame. I've started an attempt of such driver for AuthenTec AES2501 device. Unfortunately, it's still not finished. Here's source code: . That should be a good start point for someone willing to write support for any fingerprint scanner.

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comment:5 by axeld, 5 years ago

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comment:6 by pulkomandy, 2 years ago

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