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Original and translation can be different -> Relax parsing

Reported by: humdinger Owned by: VinDuv
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See also on docs mailing list, topic Important XML parsing changes needed.

Certain aspects of a translation must be able to differ to the original:

  • <a>: The "title="description" has to be translatable
  • <a>: The "href="URL" has to be translatable at least for external links
  • <i>,<b>: Addittional/fewer tags for emphasizing
  • <br />: Additional/fewer line breaks
  • &amp; &#38;: Additional/fewer &-symbols
  • &nbsp; &#160;: Additional/fewer non-breaking-spaces
  • &copy; &#169; copyright-symbol
  • &reg; &#174; registered-symbol
  • &trade; &#8482; tm-symbol
  • &ndash; &#8211; n-size dash
  • &mdash; &#8212; m-size dash
  • &hellip; &#8230; ellipses...

Besides &amp; and &nbsp;, those entities could also be inserted as regular Unicode chars. A drop-down menu for inserting would be helpful if that road were taken. (Or even in general, to insert the &xyz; instead of the Unicode char...)

It's relatively seldom used, so the "How to insert?" isn't that important than the "We have to be able to use more/less of them than there are in the original text".

As it's a bit more important than other tickets, esp. concerning linking to localized external sites, I gave this ticket a prio=high.

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