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Change Downloads window shortcut

Reported by: humdinger Owned by: stippi
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This is web+ hrev521.

A mini-enhancement: Change the shortcut to show/hide the Downloads window from ALT+J to ALT+D.

I think, "J" was chosen because Mozilla uses that, but as we don't use its other unintuitive combos like ALT+D to save a bookmark, I think we should use key-combos that are more logical where possible. We have "B" for bookmark, "M" for managing bookmarks, we should use "D" for downloads.

While on shortcuts: Could "BACKSPACE" also go back to the previous page? Makes sense and is easier to reach than ALT+CursorLeft.

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comment:1 by brunobratwurst, 11 years ago

I just miss the Ctrl+R for Reload. Firefox using both F5 and Ctrl+R.

Backspace for going back one page is realy strange. You could easily delete your just typed text by accident.

comment:2 by humdinger, 11 years ago

Web+ reloads on ALT+R and F5. If I wanted to go to the previous page anyway, I wouldn't mind deleting a character. :) Plus, the backspace of course only works if your cursor isn't active in a text field. Having a one-key "back" shortcut is quite convenient and backspace is used by firefox for some time, I think.

comment:3 by stippi, 11 years ago

I've already expained this somewhere, probably over at the WebPositive Trac, but I, too, think that Backspace for going back is really, really bad. What happens is exactly that your text control goes out of focus for whatever reason without you realizing it, for example because you think you can type tabs. Then you press the Backspace key and lose all text you have typed. Before Firefox remembered all form data in the history, I've actually lost at least two long emails because of this mis-feature. I really hated Firefox in that moment.

comment:4 by Meanwhile, 11 years ago

Maybe going back a page is more foolproof when you use a shortcut that combines the large central 'Space' key with the arrow keys (or perhaps offer it as an additional shortcut to Alt+Arrow).

comment:5 by humdinger, 11 years ago

What you explain, Stippi, makes sense, though that hasn't happened to me before. Does Web+ keep form data in its history?

comment:6 by stippi, 11 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

I just checked and actually yes, WebPositive does save formdata in the history. At least if you type something in a text field and navigate to another page or back, it will be remembered when you use the history to get back to the page where you inserted some text. This is handled fully in WebCore, though, which I think is pretty neat.

Anyway, I changed the download window shortcut in hrev523. Since I have the habbit of forgetting to close tickets when I upload a new package, I will just close tickets when I fix them, even though there is no new package yet.

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