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Mail Daemon is Very Crashy - Debugging Newbie

Reported by: yebyen Owned by: czeidler
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Component: Servers/mail_daemon Version: R1/Development
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I have found that with my very large IMAP store, mail_daemon is very crashy. I will frequently have a crash involving deskbar and mail_daemon that requires a reboot to resolve. I don't know very much about debugging in Haiku, I will make myself available to try and reproduce the problem, and provide debugging information to anyone who will help.

Meanwhile, I am cleaning out my mail server, I have other accounts and do not think it will be a problem to reproduce these crashes. I am not sure if any of the bugs under mail_daemon are related or similar to my problem. Right now I have not received the "mail_daemon had to be terminated" message, but I am looking at a deskbar that will not repaint or accept mouse clicks.

The mail status window periodically pops into existance to let me know it's still checking my mail again. No messages will double-click open.

My Haiku version is the latest, or next-to-latest, installed from anyboot nightlies. Thanks for an awesome OS!

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comment:1 by yebyen, 8 years ago

The message has been reproduced. The exact text reads:

The application:

/boot/system/servers/mail_daemon -E

has encountered an error which prevents it from continuing. Haiku will terminate the application and clean up.

This time I pressed debug instead of OK and found an error 0x021f1810 in IMAPMailboxSync::Sync () from /boot/system/add-ons/mail_daemon/inbound_protocols/IMAP

I copied the full output into a file and quit,

If anyone is having trouble reproducing this error, just let me know and I will provide paste of any prodding into gdb that you want. However, I think that all you'll need is a sufficiently large IMAP account to reproduce the error. So far I've deleted ~10,000 messages in response to the error. Net gain? :)

comment:2 by yebyen, 8 years ago

Well I let it synchronize all of my messages and pull down as many bodies as I thought it was going to, then I did ALT+A to select all new messages and ALT+O, to open them all... It eventually opened one window for each message, and they either crashed opening too many, or closed immediately on opening, or on rare occasion required me to press ALT+Q to close all new windows and return to the New Mail window, sometimes finding a dialog about the next message that does not have a registered handler to open.

I rebooted at least twice, left the machine on overnight to receive new mail (really incoming mail this time, not just mail that Haiku hadn't seen before) just to see what happened, and this is what happened.

When I woke up there was another dialog for "The application: mail_daemon -E ..." quit

There was new mail in the mailbox

I did not try to read it or ask how many! I think I can live with this bug, may be worth even passing it to others to help demonstrate the necessity of cleaning out your IMAPs.

I think I might still have problems with Sync as long as I have too many labels and read/unread messages, even though they are no longer new. So which happens first, this bug report is closed or my IMAP store gets cleaned to bare cupboards?

comment:3 by diver, 8 years ago

Please provide a stack trace.

comment:4 by czeidler, 8 years ago

Yes a stack trace of the crash is needed just type bt into the debugger terminal, thanks!

comment:5 by diver, 5 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

No stack trace has been provided. It has been probably fixed in the meanwhile.

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