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Replicants which cause Deskbar crash

Reported by: Giova84 Owned by: jscipione
Priority: normal Milestone: R1
Component: Applications/Deskbar Version: R1/Development
Keywords: Replicants which cause Deskbar crash networkstatus process controller Cc:
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Description (last modified by anevilyak)

I've just upgraded to hrev45477. After setting up all my preferences, i have rebooted and when the Desktop appear i have found that Deskbar crashed. Try to restart Deskbar doesn't help: it always crashed. After some tests i have found that the issue was caused by two replicants: NetWorkStatus and ProcessController. Yes: if i install these two replicants (or only just one of this two), at the boot time they caused Deskbar crash.

This is the part of syslog which tell about the crash with these replicants:

KERN: debug_server: Killing team 164 (/boot/system/Deskbar)
KERN: debug_server: TeamDebugHandler::Init(): Failed to get info for team 164: Operation on invalid team
KERN: debug_server: KillTeam(): Error getting info for team 164: Operation on invalid team
KERN: debug_server: Killing team 164 ()
KERN: vm_soft_fault: va 0x0 not covered by area in address space
KERN: vm_page_fault: vm_soft_fault returned error 'Bad address' on fault at 0x120, ip 0x4300f5, write 0, user 1, thread 0x1f5
KERN: vm_page_fault: thread "Deskbar" (501) in team "Deskbar" (501) tried to read address 0x120, ip 0x4300f5 ("libbe.so_seg0ro" +0x1cb0f5)
KERN: debug_server: Thread 501 entered the debugger: Segment violation
KERN: stack trace, current PC 0x4300f5  Frame__C7BWindow + 0x9:
KERN:   (0x7ffee4cc)  0x234192  CheckForSizeOverrun__15TExpandoMenuBar + 0x7e
KERN:   (0x7ffee53c)  0x22b3a8  CheckForScrolling__8TBarView + 0x38
KERN:   (0x7ffee56c)  0x22afdf  PlaceApplicationBar__8TBarView + 0x3f3
KERN:   (0x7ffee5dc)  0x22bbd1  _ChangeState__8TBarViewP8BMessage + 0x2e9
KERN:   (0x7ffee62c)  0x22b5a4  ChangeState__8TBarViewlbN32 + 0xf0
KERN:   (0x7ffee6bc)  0x22b4ac  UpdatePlacement__8TBarView + 0x58
KERN:   (0x7ffee6fc)  0x23bff2  AdjustPlacement__14TReplicantTray + 0xa6
KERN:   (0x7ffee73c)  0x23e0bf  AddIcon__14TReplicantTrayP8BMessagePlPC9entry_ref + 0x3af
KERN:   (0x7ffee86c)  0x23d42f  LoadAddOn__14TReplicantTrayP6BEntryPlb + 0x2a3
KERN:   (0x7ffee91c)  0x23cb59  InitAddOnSupport__14TReplicantTray + 0x185
KERN:   (0x7ffeea0c)  0x23bd21  AttachedToWindow__14TReplicantTray + 0x1ed
KERN:   (0x7ffeea6c)  0x428c94  _Attach__5BView + 0x30
KERN:   (0x7ffeea9c)  0x428d0f  _Attach__5BView + 0xab
KERN:   (0x7ffeeacc)  0x428d0f  _Attach__5BView + 0xab
KERN:   (0x7ffeeafc)  0x4255f5  _AddChild__5BViewP5BViewT1 + 0xe1
KERN:   (0x7ffeeb3c)  0x425489  AddChild__5BViewP5BViewT1 + 0x29
KERN:   (0x7ffeeb6c)  0x42b9a3  AddChild__7BWindowP5BViewT1 + 0x4b
KERN:   (0x7ffeebac)  0x22d3b7  __10TBarWindow + 0x15b
KERN:   (0x7ffeebfc)  0x223f72  __7TBarApp + 0xce
KERN:   (0x7ffeed8c)  0x223e2b  main + 0x37
KERN:   (0x7ffeef7c)  0x223ccf  _start + 0x5b
KERN:   (0x7ffeefac)  0x10626e  runtime_loader + 0x126

Also attached the debug output

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comment:1 by anevilyak, 8 years ago

Description: modified (diff)
Owner: changed from axeld to jscipione
Status: newassigned

That's actually not the replicant's fault, looks like a bug in some of the recent changes with respect to the team expander menu bar.

comment:2 by jscipione, 8 years ago

Please try again in hrev45479 or greater. I am unable to reproduce this bug. You said that you set your preferences and then experienced this bug, can you tell me what preferences you set? I assume that you're in horizontal mode from the attached debug report. Also, gcc2h or gcc4h?

comment:3 by Giova84, 8 years ago

Hi John, sure: i will try (when a newer nightly build will be available on and i'll send you a feedback about this issue, if still present or not. In anyway with "set my preferences" i just mean preferences about keyboard shortcut, fonts, appearance and so on: nothing of particular :-) And i'm using GCC2h

in reply to:  2 comment:4 by Giova84, 8 years ago

Replying to jscipione:

Please try again in hrev45479 or greater.

Hi John, i've tried with hrev45480 and the bug is still here :-( If i insert NetworkStatus and/or ProcessController as replicants in the Deskbar, when Deskbar start at boot time, will crash. The only way to properly restart the Deskbar is to delete the file "Deskbar_replicants" located under /home/config/settings. The strange fact is that all others replicants doesn't cause Deskbar crash. Only NetworkStatus and ProcessController.

comment:5 by Giova84, 8 years ago

Currently i'm running hrev45525 and this issue seems gone (Deskbar no longer crashes at the next reboot if i add ProcessController and NetworkStatus replicants).

comment:6 by diver, 8 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: assignedclosed

Thanks for the note!

comment:7 by jscipione, 8 years ago

For posterity I suspect that this bug was related to #9632 and thus was fixed along with that bug in hrev45512.

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