Package Management

This is a short index of the available package management related documentation.

  • Package Management Infrastructure provides an overview of what components belong to Haiku's package management infrastructure and how they work and interact.
  • Building Packages gives information on various aspects of the package building process.
  • Boot Volume Directory Structure outlines the directory structure of a package management powered Haiku boot volume.
  • Haiku Package File Format specifies in detail the file format of Haiku package files (HPKG) and Haiku package repository files (HPKR).
  • Packaging Policy defines the policy for creating Haiku packages.
  • Packages Status gives an overview of the packages needed for a Haiku standard build and their current status.
  • Hybrid Builds provides some information regarding hybrid builds.
  • HaikuDepot explains the concept and ideas behind HaikuDepot, the GUI package manager in the making.
  • Migration lists the changes that users should expect when migrating to a package management Haiku.
  • Bootstrapping Haiku explains the process of bootstrapping Haiku and third-party packages.
  • TODO is a list of package management related work still to be done.
  • Blog posts on package management (the Batisseur ones are only indirectly package management related).
  • (Old) Package Management Ideas is a collection of thoughts and discussions regarding package management. It has been partially obsoleted by the progress on the package management implementation.
  • is a video playlist of Ingo and Oliver explaining and demonstrating the package management branch at BeGeistert 2011.

Below are links to source code related to Haiku's package management.

  • Package management has been merged into "master", so see the Haiku and Buildtools repositories for that
  • HaikuPorts contains the build recipes of various ports.
  • haikuports.cross contains the minimal set of build recipes to bootstrap a new Haiku architecture.
  • haikuporter is the tool to create binary packages from build recipes.
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