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These are the TODO items for the Haiku Package Management.


  • If necessary, add a caching mechanism to speed up mounting it.

Package Daemon

  • Complete support for extracting and updating settings files: Merge support and user feedback are still missing.
  • Add user notification/interaction support for initial verification (on start-up).
  • Support packages being copied to the packages directory. Currently only moving works.

Package building

  • Define packaging guidelines and create a tool to check packages against those.
    • Status: Here's the wiki page defining the policy. It's still a work in progress. haikuporter has some policy checking built in already.

Package kit/manager

Boot loader

  • Safe mode/recovery options:
    • Disable home and common.
    • Boot into old system state.

Package/package repository format

  • Add localization support.
  • Add support for repository keys (public/private) and package signing/check sums, so that it is possible to verify that data retrieved from a repository have not been tampered with.


  • Add MIME directory watching to registrar, so it can update the MIME DB caches when packages are de-/activated.
  • Get rid of post_install scripts. Do that in the build system.
  • Get rid of UserBootscript. Start the scripts in "~/config/settings/boot/launch" from Bootscript instead.
  • Update Installer.
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