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title localization


HaikuDepotServer (HDS) is the web application server part of the HaikuDepot GUI package manager for Haiku.

The main purpose of HaikuDepotServer will be to let maintainers and users

  • list and search available packages (by filtering the list by categories and/or search terms)
  • add additional information about a package such as screen shots and icons to show up in HaikuDepot.
  • add and translate certain package information.
  • upload user ratings and comments.

Package Categorization

  • _devel packages do not get assigned to a category unless its main sibling package is itself categorized (i.e., not a library).
  • Library packages do not get assigned to any category unless they contain an application that serves a purpose other than supporting the library itself, in which case it gets assigned to the System and Utilities category.
  • _debuginfo packages, game data packages and the ca_root_certificate package do not get assigned to any category.

Title localization

  • Only GUI application packages should have their titles localized and _$arch suffixes removed.