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Summary of thread on haiku-development


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    33This page acts as a status whiteboard for the Haiku R1 alpha 1 release. It should contain a list of tasks that need to be completed.
     5== Discussion 7th of August ==
     7On the the 7th of August, Axel Dörfler started a discussion on the things to do in the thread [ Haiku R1/alpha decisions]. Here's a summary of that discussion. Axel called for:
     10The aim of this thread should be to compile a complete list of things
     11we want to have in the first alpha release, be it feature or software.
     14=== Features ===
     15 * [ BGA]:
     17Speaking in general terms, the important thing, even for an alpha, is
     18that we have no know bug that can cause data corruption. As long as
     19we reach a point where we are reasonably certain that this is the case,
     20everything else can be attributed to it being an alpha. :)
     22 * What about calling it DR1? [ Fredrik Modeen])
     23 * Welcome package
     24   * Initial idea: ([ Zenja Solaja])
     26Even though the Alpha is primarily intended for developers (and should
     27probably be called Developer Alpha to avoid confusion), there will be a
     28lot of hobbyists who will like to try Haiku after hearing about it in the press.
     29 Even if they're fortunate enough to have 100% supported hardware, they
     30will stare at an empty desktop and say "OK, now what?"
     32   * User Guide
     33   * Links on the desktop
     34 * GCC 2/4 hybrid ([ Donn Cave])
     36I don't know where your plans for gcc4 are at this point, but I personally
     37am keenly interested in the rumored gcc2+gcc4 variant, whether in the
     38alpha distribution itself or as a build from source option.  So I'm
     39hopefully reminding that self-hosted gcc-4 will want to be part of the
     40package, too.
     43=== Software ===
     44 * [ BGA]:
     46Whatever we decide to include, it should be as complete and integrated as
     47possible. For example, fixing Firefox drag & drop would be great. Also I
     48am more in favor of native applications than ports, but there are cases
     49where ports will be required
     52 * Development tools (including subversion).
     53   * Currently: gcc 2.95.3, autoconf-2.61, automake-1.10.1, bison-2.3, flex-2.5.35, jam, libtool-1.5.26, texinfo-4.11 and Perl 5.10 ([ Rene Gollent])
     54 * Firefox
     55 * OSS ([ Salvatore Benedetto])
     56 * BePDF ([ Michael Lotz])
     57 * [ julun]:
     59Are we allowed to ship the original BeBook as we have it on
     61 * [ Stephan Assmus]:
     63Personally, I'd love to see a few more media applications (sound), but I
     64would also be ok with reducing it to just development related apps. I don't
     65know how you guys feel about WonderBrush in that case. Hopefully this
     66doesn't come across the wrong way, but maybe it is good to include a few
     67more bigger apps besides just Firefox to show the system can support them.
     68I'd be willing to provide an unlocked Haiku only version of WonderBrush.
     70 * Webkit ([ Ralf Schulke])
     71 * Vision ([ Ralf Schulke])
     72 * CVS ([ scott mc])
     73 * Git ([ scott mc])
     74 * Python ([ scott mc])
     75 * Box ([ scott mc])
     78=== Distribution ===
     80 * [ julun]:  ISO or Live CD?
     81 * [ Michael Lotz]: Live USB stick
     83=== Updater ===
     84 * [ BGA]
     86Sorry, but an updater is *ESSENTIAL*. Even if not fancy. By updater I mean a
     87way for the user to easily check if there are fixes and to apply then without
     88losing data or having to completely reinstall the system.
    591== Status Updates ==
    15101These need to be fixed in order to release the alpha.
    17 [[TicketQuery(priority=blocker&milestone=R1/alpha1)]]
    19105Total of [[TicketQuery(status=new|assigned|reopened&priority=blocker&milestone=R1/alpha1,count)]] open ticket(s).
    23109If all the ''blocker'' items are resolved, these should be evaluated whether or not they block the alpha release.
    25 [[TicketQuery(priority=critical&milestone=R1/alpha1)]]
    27113Total of [[TicketQuery(status=new|assigned|reopened&priority=critical&milestone=R1/alpha1,count)]] open ticket(s).
    31117This is a list of items with things that would be very much appreciated for alpha 1, but they do not block the release.
    33 [[TicketQuery(priority=high&milestone=R1/alpha1)]]
    35121Total of [[TicketQuery(status=new|assigned|reopened&priority=high&milestone=R1/alpha1,count)]] open ticket(s).