Haiku R1 Beta 1 Release Addendum

While the Haiku Project strives for quality in official releases including alpha and betas, there will always be the chance of an unnoticed issue prior to release. This page serves to inform you of any notable issues and how to resolve them.

Items in the addendum follow this format:

Summary of issue

  • Ticket: (The Trac ticket number, if available)
  • Error Message: (Ideally a verbatim error message)
  • Reproduction: (How the issue can be caused)
  • Resolution: (Summary, with step-by-step commands)

HaikuDepot only showing very few available packages

  • Ticket: #13940
  • Error Message: not applicable
  • Reproduction: sometimes, when running HaikuDepot for the first time
  • Resolution: In HaikuDepot, choose Tools | Refresh repositories and restart HaikuDepot.

Some Intel chipsets (using the intel_extreme driver) boot into a black screen

Virtio Networking poor performance

  • Ticket:
  • Error Message: not applicable
  • Reproduction: Reproducible every time on affected hardware.
  • Resolution: Change network hardware to not be virtio-based. This issue has been solved in master via hrev52537. We are investigating cherry-picking the virtio improvements into the r1beta1 branch, but it is difficult to upgrade using virtio hardware as well given the extremely limited speeds seen.
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